reformed preaching

  1. C. Matthew McMahon

    Are you ready for war? Most Christians are not... Paul Bayne Teaches Ephesians 6

    The Armor of God – by Paul Bayne (1573-1617) Paul Bayne (1573-1617) was a famous puritan divine, used by God for the conversion of many puritan giants, such as Richard Sibbes. He was celebrated as a powerful and intense Reformed preacher. From Ephesians 6:10-18, Bayne teaches the reader what...
  2. C. Matthew McMahon

    Expository Preaching Videos - Preach the Word!

    In light of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, and a desire to see further revival among Christians today, two topics I am highlighting at A Puritan's Mind for the whole year is a focus on Pastoral Theology and Expository Preaching. I've already posted a short series on Pastoral Theology...
  3. C. Matthew McMahon

    The Best Pastoral Theology and Preaching Books

    I've been working through writing summaries of all the books I have on pastoral theology and homiletics. They are "evaluations / summaries" but my intent is to supply the reader with the best information from these works in cliff-note form. If you were to read all the best works on preaching...