1. K

    Inconsistency with implications for the resurrection - Genesis vs. Luke

    I have been working with an apparent biblical inconsistency that actually touches the resurrection (and it came to me the day before Easter). In Genesis 18 we have God and 2 angels visit Abraham and dine with him. The 2 angels visit Lot and dine with him and then physically grab Lot and his...
  2. Adam Olive

    Lust and the Resurrection

    I am looking for something that I read once regarding lust. I am sure it was a puritan author. It described a person lusting after someone and then described in graphic detail the effect of considering the person now a vile creature at the resurrection condemned to hell. The point was the...
  3. SinnerSavedByChrist

    What just cause was there for God to raise Christ from the dead?

    Dear Brethren, I have been pondering over the atonement, and asking myself: how does the death of the Son lead to my forgiveness? I really needed to sit down and work through the entire death and resurrection, so that I may fully expound the glories of the gospel when street-witnessing...
  4. RoderickE

    Christ's Resurrection and Ours

    Paul tells us that he taught nothing but what was ever taught in the O.T. (see Acts 26:21-22). So, what did Paul and the Jews, and the early Christians believe about the resurrection? I mean, we agree Paul taught nothing new about the resurrection of the believers. It should be a simple...
  5. Matthew1034

    Do we have salvation now?

    Haven't referred the the confessions yet, but wanted to post the topic before I go to sleep. Basically I am wondering how the following verses fit together: In Romans 8 Paul is referring to our resurrected bodies, the adoption, our redemption from corruption... we obviously do not have...