1. TryingToLearn

    Romans 8:4 – Imputed Righteousness?

    I'm looking for any commentary (preferably modern) that takes Romans 8:4 as referring to imputed righteousness rather than spirit-wrought obedience. The only commentary I know of which does so is Doug Moo, and so I'm trying to figure out if anyone else follows him, because it seems that everyone...
  2. T

    CSB with δικαιόω in Romans

    I have really loved the revised Christian Standard Bible for a while now. However, one thing that bugs me about it is the inconsistent rendering of δικαιόω in Romans. It is about 50/50—rendered "justify" in some places and "declare righteous" in the rest. It is "justify" in every other...
  3. Alexander

    How Would Primitive Baptists Interpret Romans 3-5?

    How would a Primitive Baptist understand Romans 3-5 in the discussion of justification by faith alone. Also, maybe even Ephesians 2:8 Thanks !
  4. T

    Romans 13 and US History

    As an outsider I don't really know much on the issue, but did the founding fathers of the US violate Romans 13 by rebelling against the Crown?
  5. Matthew1344

    Romans 5! Please help me out! Who are the "all" or "many"

    I am a Calvinist. And I believe God is sovereign over all things all the time in total control. i am right now reading "The Death of Death in the Death of Christ: John Owen". Because of this I have really been trying to unpack more the doctrine of definite atonement. My desire it to...
  6. Grillsy

    Those who have never heard

    Although I am sure this has been covered here before I humbly submit this anyway. I was talking with an old professor of mine who was trying to say that Paul's letter to the Romans proves that those who have never heard the Gospel can be saved. I disagree. What say you? Have you ever been...
  7. P

    Best material on Romans

    Hi, I am preparing for a Bible Study on Romans. There is so much material on Romans I will never be able to read it all. I would appreciate suggestions on what you consider the very best material on Romans, especially from a Reformed point of view. When I talk about material I am asking about...