1. B.L.

    The PCA's Unity Fund & MDiv Programs at Reformed Seminaries

    Evening Friends, At some point in the past I must have subscribed to byFaith, the PCA's online magazine, and on occasion I'll read what's going on in that denomination. The featured article this week is titled "From former prisoners to Ivy League grads, PCA’s Unity Fund casts a wide net", which...
  2. J

    RTS vs. SBTS vs. GPTS

    Hello all, and happy Lord’s Day! I’m currently in undergrad, planning on entering the ministry, and considering the following seminaries: Reformed, Southern Baptist, and Greenville Presbyterian. For background information, I’m a Reformed Baptist who’s open to the possibility of academic...
  3. Parepidemos

    RTS MABS Distance (OPC member coming under care)

    Hey friends, I am a member of an OPC on the west coast and have been working through an internal call to ministry for some time. I am married with kids and I am not in a position to you at this time. Question for you all: Any recent insight on the RTS Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS)...
  4. Shane2336

    Prior Service Seminary Students

    Hello Everyone, I'm currently looking at the M.Div. programs at Covenant Theological Seminary, PRTS, and RTS. All three accept Post-9/11 G.I. Bill benefits (RTS - Orlando, D.C., and Charlotte). Covenant is by far the most expensive per credit hour. Before I emailed the seminaries with my...
  5. sastark

    Greg Bahnsen's "dismissal" from RTS

    The Wikipedia article on Bahnsen says "Greg Bahnsen's vocal advocacy of Christian Reconstructionism and theonomy was highly controversial during his lifetime, and a public disputation pertaining to theonomy led to his dismissal from the Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi."...