1. C. Matthew McMahon

    NEW BOOK and PURITAN: Ralph Brownrigg (1592-1659) on Repetnance and Prayer

    Repentance and Prayer by Ralph Brownrig (1592–1659) Ralph Brownrig (1592–1659) was hailed as one of the greatest lights in the church in his day, was an excellent preacher, a rigid Calvinist, and was nominated to the Westminster Assembly (though he didn't attend). The work is divided into four...
  2. Travis Fentiman

    On Demon Possession & Exorcism Today

    This is a personal topic for myself, Travis Fentiman, MDiv., LPN. Until I became a nurse, I never had any first-hand experience with demonic possession. But since then, after talking to and observing many persons who hear ‘voices’ in their head, I have become persuaded that most...
  3. C. Matthew McMahon

    NEW: Resisting the Devil with a Steadfast Faith by George Gifford (1547-1620)

    Resisting the Devil with a Steadfast Faith by George Gifford (1547-1620) George Gifford (1547-1620) was a most excellent puritan divine described as a fiery Gospel preacher, learned and able, being a great enemy to popery. When anyone acts in accordance with the devil, they become of a...
  4. C. Matthew McMahon

    The Victorious Christian Soldier in Christ’s Army – by Urian Oakes (1631–1681)

    The Victorious Christian Soldier in Christ’s Army by Urian Oakes (1631–1681) Urian Oakes (1631–1681) was a New England divine, and president of Harvard College. Edmund Calamy states that Oakes was noted for the uncommon sweetness of his temper as a minister of the Gospel, greatly beloved by his...
  5. Von

    Suicide themes in movies/tv.

    Before you just dismiss this thread with "I haven't watched TV since 1958", I have a theological question. Recently the Netflix series "13 Reasons why" came under fire for glorifying/promoting suicide. A new series (The Politician) on said streaming service also comes with a warning to sufferers...
  6. C. Matthew McMahon

    Are you ready for war? Most Christians are not... Paul Bayne Teaches Ephesians 6

    The Armor of God – by Paul Bayne (1573-1617) Paul Bayne (1573-1617) was a famous puritan divine, used by God for the conversion of many puritan giants, such as Richard Sibbes. He was celebrated as a powerful and intense Reformed preacher. From Ephesians 6:10-18, Bayne teaches the reader what...
  7. Von

    Can Satan read your mind?

    He can "fill someones heart" as in the case of Ananias. And Jesus told Peter to "get behind me, Satan", but can he read the minds of those that are in Christ (and maybe inject thoughts, as Bunyan thought)?
  8. charispistis

    What was the sin (sins) of Satan?

    Hello Everyone, I am doing a study on the fall of Satan. What we often hear is that Satan's sin was pride, and probably not the only one. What are some verses that describes Satan's sins and reasons for his fall? I personally side with Calvin, Gill and Matthew Henry on the opinion that...
  9. reformedman

    Satan Released - an amillennial view

    I wonder if an amillenialist would mind helping me out with a question. I am listening to Kim Riddlebarger's messages, a series of messages called Amillenialism 101. In studying these things I decided to approach the study by listening to all the messages one time through and then going back to...
  10. J

    As One Devil To Another by Richard Platt

    If Satan were going to write a "Christian book" to trick people, he could either write a book that claims to be true but subtlely actually teaches lies, or he could write a book that overtly bashes demons (causing Christians to lower their defenses) while the book subtlely actually bashed God...
  11. RevZach

    Need Book Suggestions (re: Satan, etc.)

    I am looking to do some reading (before doing some writing) about * Satan and his origins * The aspect of amillennial theology wherein we discuss Satan's already being bound/defeated/banished ("I saw Satan fall like lightning," etc.) * The enemy's two strategies: lion (persecution, overt...