scottish psalter

  1. kodos

    iOS and Android 1650 Split Leaf - General Availability.

    Just in time for the Lord's Day! I am pleased to announce the general availability of the 1650 Psalter for iOS. It is a little behind Android right now as Apple takes longer to approve updates - days instead of hours. But if you snag it now you will probably get an update to the app around...
  2. Logan

    The Scottish Psalmody: A Review

    Like The Comprehensive Psalter the text of this psalter is from the 1650 Scots Metrical Version (SMV) so I will not review the text itself. It is available for purchase primariily from the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing). Background Aside from the history of the SMV, I do not know much...
  3. P

    Scottish Psalter of 1650 Fully Recorded

    As some of you may know, by the grace of God Project Psalms has now finished recording all 150 Psalms from the Scottish Psalter of 1650, including both versions of 13 of the Psalms. We are now left with the task of Editing/Mixing, Mastering, CD Package Production, and Postage. We estimate...