1. Travis Fentiman

    Reformed Polemical Theologies Online

    One of the most popular generas of reformed scholasticism was Polemical Theology, which is Scriptural theology that is organized around refuting false doctrines and religions. The brilliance of the light is often most clearly seen in contrast to the darkness of error. Little is it known that...
  2. Charles Johnson

    Walaeus on the Simplicity of God

    Walaeus, a member of the Synod of Dordt, on the simplicity of the divine essence. His main opponent is Vorstius the Socinian-Remonstrant.
  3. Travis Fentiman

    Grounds of Christ Receiving Divine Worship

    We are to only worship God, and yet Jesus, a man, was worshipped in his earthly ministry. How is this so? The answer is that we worship Jesus, the God-man Mediator, not insofar as He is a creature, but insofar as his Person is God. This precious jewel of theology is argued by the reformed...