textual criticism

  1. J

    McCurleys Challenge

    Recently on the World Magazine with Jeff Riddle podcast episode 258, pastor McCurley challenged modern text scholars to bring an argument defending the use of modern texts. There is another thread in this podcast but it is very convoluted with many different rabbit tails so I am posting my...
  2. Charles Johnson

    William Thomas Whitley on the canons of textual criticism

    In "A Study in Textual Criticism", from Princeton Theological Review 1.1 (1903), William Thomas Whitley demonstrates conclusively that the canons used to redacted critical editions of the New Testament are simply incorrect. "A dozen intelligent Christians were desired to copy exactly two...
  3. G

    Byzantine readings in the ECM of Mark (Editio Critica Maior)

    The latest data from the Institute for New Testament Textual Research and their textual apparatus states: This caught my attention because there has been some recent discussion about weighing BYZ text more equally. Is anyone familiar with these findings? Do you think it will affect the next...
  4. G

    Majority Text vs. Critical Text vs. Textus Receptus – Textual Criticism 101

    https://www.bereanpatriot.com/majority-text-vs-critical-text-vs-textus-receptus-textual-criticism-101/ I found this exhaustive breakdown of the Critical / Majority / Confessional views really helpful. Appologies if it has already been shared. It’s a long read but worth it if you’d like to see...
  5. Taylor

    Traditional Text Interaction between Christian McSchaffrey, Brett Mahlen, and James White

    Recently, the podcast coming out of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary put out an interview with Christian McShaffrey and Brett Mahlen discussing their work and thought when it comes to textual criticism. They are both advocates of what is commonly called the "traditional text...
  6. Taylor

    Useful YouTube Channel Evaluating Bible Translations and Textual Criticism

    I have been listening to R. Grant Jones' YouTube channel recently. I think it is quite excellent. He does some very thorough analysis of the issues which relate to Bible translation and textual criticism. And I have found that he is fairly well balanced. He is not beholden to partisanship, and I...
  7. R

    The New Testament in the Marketplace

    James Snapp Jr has done a lot of good work in the field of NT TC but sadly he is dismissed by many because he doesn't have "Dr." in front of his name. Below is an excerpt from one of his blogs based on his course on NT TC that you can watch on youtube. I also attached the full transcript to the...
  8. R

    "The best and earliest manuscripts?"

    Question for any NT TC Professors here or any with good knowledge of the subject: What does it mean that the Codex Vac and Sin are the best manuscripts over against the MJ of mss which modern bibles essentially claim? or what makes the CT(NA/UBS) better than Maurice Robinson's greek new...
  9. J.L. Allen

    Kept Pure in All Ages

    Is anyone on here going to this conference? Going or not, what are your thoughts on the subject matter? https://www.keptpure.com/
  10. Another FreeChurchMan

    Works on Providential Preservation

    Looking for direction in the study of the best works on the doctrine of providential preservation, both of the Old Testament Hebrew and the New Testament Greek!
  11. Ask Mr. Religion

    Fee and Hodges on Revival of the TR 2017-11-28

    In 1978 JETS published a paper by G. Fee entitled: MODERN TEXTUAL CRITICISM AND THE REVIVAL OF THE TEXTUS RECEPTUS Zand Hodges responded to Fee's paper, which was rejoined by fee and surrejoined by Hodges. This resource is the collection of these 4 papers in a single file for the reader's...
  12. Ask Mr. Religion

    Doctoral Dissertation of Theodore P. Letis 2017-11-28

    Obtaining the often cited 1995 dissertation of Theodore Letis is quite a chore. I have went through the process and am making it available for download (around 20 MB). From Sacred Text to Religious Text: An Intellectual History of the Impact of Erasmian Lower Critics A religious belief in...
  13. NickCamp

    Corruption of the Critical Text Vs. Majority Text

    I have a question regarding the charge against earlier manuscripts in saying that they are corrupted. I am not saying that all who hold to the Majority text view or the Received Text do this, but I have noticed many state that they believe the manuscripts to be corrupt (though the best...
  14. Grimmson

    Textual critical questions regarding Psalm 145: MT compared to the 11QPs-a and LXX

    Questions: Do you think we have a verse missing between Psalm 145:13-14 within the Psalms? If Psalm 145 is an acrostic Psalm, why is the nun verse missing in the Masoretic Text (and thus missing from our own Bible or at least from KJV and NKJV, also it should be pointed out that several English...