van til

  1. Gwallard

    Van Til's Apologetic Comprehension and Ethical Responsibility

    As I read through Van Til's works, I find myself getting excited, then getting confused, then being let down when he doesn't address things. His emphasis on how, on the one hand, incomprehensible the things of God are to unregenerate man, and, on the other, how they know God is undeniably...
  2. Gwallard

    Apologetics in an age of nonsense

    Reading Bahnsen's "Van Til's Apologetic: Readings and Analysis" I was struck by this quote from Van Til: "Christianity is the only position that does not make nonsense of human experience" (pg 75) I was struck by it because that seems to be the aim of the "new" philosophies of our day. They...
  3. TryingToLearn

    Communication of the Divine essence to the Son?

    I'm going through the course on Van Til's Trinitarian Theology at Reformed Forum and Dr. Lane Tipton was talking about how Van Til sided with Calvin and Warfield in denying that the divine essence is communicated to the Son in eternal generation. He also mentioned this isn't the majority view of...
  4. TylerRay

    Van Til's Theory of Paradox

    In which of Van Til's works does he develop his theory of paradox? I know that he understood his theory of paradox to be essential to his system, and that it cannot be understood apart from his system; but where does he treat the subject of paradox specifically?
  5. R. Scott Clark

    Cornelius Van Til: Father, Friend, and Pastor

    Office Hours talks with L. John Van Til, nephew of Reformed apologist and theologian Cornelius Van Til about the latter's life and ministry Here are two of the volumes we discussed today: The Bookstore at WSC: Defense of the Faith by Van Til, C. The Bookstore at WSC: Cornelius Van Til...
  6. D

    Charles Hodge And Van Til

    So I just got a copy of Hodges 3 volume systematic ($27 on WTS right now). A few months ago I was reading Van Til on introduction to systematic theology and He was saying that Hodge did not assume the Christian Worldview (presupposition) before applying his ideas of systematics (which is still...