Does God love his enemies? Please help?

Discussion in 'The Gospels & Acts' started by CarsonLAllen, Jan 3, 2009.

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    The Love of God in a redemptive way is always found to be in Christ, or types of the safety we have In Christ.
    In the time of Noah, it was in the ark.
    In the time of Lot, it was outside of Sodom, [no looking back]
    In our time it is only found in saving union with Christ
    those outside of Christ do not have the Holy Ghost
    the us, are those who are justified, the same is in romans 8
    This tells us where the love of God is. It is interesting that with all the recorded sermons in the book of Acts, the word love was not used in the book at all, even though we can be certain it was made known to all the elect of God.
    I never say to someone that God loves them . I do explain that to be apart from God [ because of sin] is to be apart from his love. I also explain that the scripture indicates where the love of God is.God loves sinners, in Christ alone
    When people are cast into the second death at the white throne judgment, in eternal hell, would anyone say that God loves them there?
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    Once again a sincere thank you to everyone who has posted, for it has greatly helped my draw conclusions in my rationality. I am pretty convinced that God does not love in enemies, or at least I am uncomfortable saying that God has a different love toward them then he does for his elect. Any way you want to word it, I just do not see how God could say he hated and Loved Esau at the same time.

    My friend Daniel brought up another interesting point. The Mathew 5 passage I quoted in the O.P. tells us to pray for those who persecute you. So does God pray for those who persecute him {His Elect}. However, we do know that Jesus as high priest prays for his own{elect}, but not for the world. He also prayed for us when we were ungodly. So at this point could we not say that God loves and prays for some of his enemies [elect].

    I am going to go through the 1948 (15th) General Assembly report of the O.P.C. John Muray and Ned Stonehouse wrote the majority report, and someone wrote the minority report titled “Free offer of the Gospel”. This passage in Mathew is dealt with by the report. I will start a separate post on that when I am done.
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