How confused are you about the Lord's Day?

Discussion in 'A Puritan's Mind Updates' started by C. Matthew McMahon, May 28, 2004.

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  1. C. Matthew McMahon

    C. Matthew McMahon Christian Preacher

    Dominicum Servasti - Have You kept the Lord's Day?
    10 Audio Lessons on the Sabbath, and Christian Sabbath

    Have you ever thought through the teaching of the Lord's Day? Is there a Christian Sabbath which all Christians, for all time, must follow? Is the 4th commandment still applicable to us today? Is it simply a spiritual rest from sin or is it incumbent upon a Christian to keep a certain day? Can Christians choose which day they should worship on? In the following lessons those answers, and more, are answered:

    Lesson 1: The Moral Law of God

    Lesson 2: Natural Law, Genesis 2, and Exodus 16

    Lesson 3: An Overview of the 4th Commandment

    Lesson 4: The OT Witness to the 4th Commandment

    Lesson 5: Jesus' Witness to the Sabbath

    Lesson 6: The Change of the Sabbath to the Lord's Day

    Lesson 7: The Application of the Lord's Day

    Lesson 8: Appendix 1 - Puritan Ideas on the Lord's Day

    Lesson 9: Appendix 2 - Colossians 2:16-17

    Lesson 10: Appendix 3 - Calvin's View of the Sabbath

    Find out more here:
  2. humble_soul

    humble_soul Puritan Board Freshman

    Cool, I just ordered a copy of the audio CD. I'm interested..

  3. FrozenChosen

    FrozenChosen Puritan Board Freshman

    Hey, that sounds cool. I'll order it after I get a paycheck.
  4. C. Matthew McMahon

    C. Matthew McMahon Christian Preacher

    I hope it is a help to you both.
  5. SmokingFlax

    SmokingFlax Puritan Board Sophomore

    I'm going to order one also.

    The idea of Sabbath/Lord's day has always perplexed me since early in my Christian walk. That perplexity was compounded when I stumbled upon some 7th day adventist literature. Also, I can testify that in 10+ years of attending regular services at various churches that I have NEVER heard even so much as one sermon or teaching that was devoted entirely to this subject. That always struck me as odd considering how often the subject is raised in the Scriptures.

    After wrestling with the issue in the first couple of years as a Christian I kind of put it on the back burner but have since returned to it again -thanks to the puritans. I have a bunch articles I intend to read from off of the web and I just finished Walter Chantry's book Call The Sabbath a Delight.
  6. C. Matthew McMahon

    C. Matthew McMahon Christian Preacher

    This series will of help to you, I think. It is more in-depth than Chantry's book, but not in-depth enough to lose people who are trying to wrestle with some of the simple issues.
  7. SmokingFlax

    SmokingFlax Puritan Board Sophomore


    Did you get my order for this series on the Sabbath?

    I'm not sure if my order went through or not as there seems to have been some kind of a glitch that occured as I was finishing up the PayPal routine (yesterday). This ancient Macintosh likes to do strange things every now and then.
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