September Dawn

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Blueridge Believer

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Sometimes by accident Hollywood does one right. They really expose mormon doctrine in this movie for what it is. The story is about the Mountain meadows massacre on sept 11 1857. The movie shows the LDS for the ignorant, decieved servants of Satan that they really are. Low rent murderers of defenceless women and children who no doubt are like the pagan caananites of old.
This movie almost turned me from a little "t" theonomist to a big "T" theonomist. Our forefathers did us a grave injustice I feel by not writing in to our laws and constitution during the early years of this country that only the confessing, Trinitarian and non papist Christian religion would be tolerated here. We are seeing the fruit of that today with the proliferation of cults and ism's that permeate our land.
Watch the movie but not around the kids. If you have a short fuse like I sometimes have you might want to avoid it.
I didn't hear any foul language, and only a small amount of nudity in a mormon temple ceremony. The violence at the end was not as gory as a horror movie but made me wince just the same. Overall it was very well made.
Hank on the Bible Answer man interviewed John Voight today on his program about the movie. That's what got me interested.


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Thank you for this review. I almost rented this last weekend, but didn't because it was an LDS Film..

I honestly didn't think it was put out by Hollywood..

Blueridge Believer

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I would be interested in your thoughts after you have view this film. In my mind the mormons would hate this but I have heard nothing from them about it. I wonder if they think that by ignoring it it will go away.

Blue Tick

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Check out some of these videos from local news stations.



These two videos are taking from the main LDS propaganda news station in Salt Lake


Blueridge Believer

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Thanks for posting those videos. They speak for themselves. After watching them I would say that this movie is MUST SEE. I would also invite all to Hank Hannagraff's program and listen to interviews of this past week. He interviews Brigham Young's great great grand daughter, who has come out of that wicked abominable cult and is trying to destroy it. Check out the link below:

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Blueridge Believer

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And BTW, the same stupid and wicked doctrines that the LDS preached at the time of the massacre are still taught, believed and embraced by them today. Think about that when you push the button for the pagan idolater Mitt Romney.


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Blueridge Baptist, I have some thoughts for you with regards to theonomy.

While you would have hoped that the framers of the US Constitution would have done something about narrowing down what would be an acceptable religion to worship, there is a reason why they framed it the way they did. If you look back to Europe, most of those countries have official religions -- which means that there is no separation of church and state. An obvious case in point is the Church of England in the UK. (Granted, other religions and denominations are allowed to exist, but they normally don't get the lion's share of church taxes.) Citizens' taxes go to support these churches. (Last I knew, in Germany, a citizen there has to petition the government to be taken off the church tax rolls.) Furthermore, history has proven that whenever there is a church/state union, it has never worked out positively in the long run. (The downfall of the Puritan government after the death of Oliver Cromwell is proof of this, along with the many countries whose hands were tied behind their backs by the Roman Catholic Church in centuries past.)

While every one of us here on the board would love to see Mormonism disappear, it's probably not going to happen until the day of Christ's return. Having said that, there is a good reason why we do not have an official religion. At the same time, the First Amendment also states that "Congress...shall not prohibit the free exercise thereof." Thus, while we have no official religion, we are also not prohibited from worshipping as we please (unless, of course, you're part of something like the Manson Family).

In my humble opinion, forcing theonomy into American (or any other society), will bring about a :worms:
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