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  1. C. Matthew McMahon

    5 Marks of Biblical Reformation by C. Matthew McMahon (Book 4 in the Series)

    5 Marks of Biblical Reformation by C. Matthew McMahon Everybody loves to claim the magisterial reformation for their own! Everyone wants to be a reformer in that way. But take God’s principles of a Biblical Reformation and apply them to the church in practical daily living, then that’s a...
  2. J.L. Allen

    Decatur, Alabama. Decatur PCA

    Is anyone familiar with Decatur Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Decatur, Alabama? My sister has grown to love the worship typical in the OPC. Will this PCA be similar in the sense of having a traditional worship, or will it be more "contemporary?"
  3. M

    Leave church because they have normative principle?

    I am a German Five-Point-Calvinist and supporter of infant baptism and the Westminster Confession and the regulative principle (puritan principle). I believe that Sunday is the Christian Sabbath and that Christmas and Easter are wrong and sin. I am member of a Reformed Church in Germany...
  4. J

    The Fourth Vow for PCA Membership

    I understand that the fourth vow was added in 1929. Does anyone know the history behind why the fourth vow as added? The fourth vow reads as follows: "Do you promise to support the Church in its worship and work to the best of your ability?"
  5. K

    Senior Project: Protestantism in America

    Hello friends. I start my freshman year at UCLA in September. In the mean time, I have to finish some work before I graduate high school. In light of this, I've chosen to write an essay for one of my senior projects. My school is structured so that seniors must complete three senior projects...
  6. J

    Is Dispensationalism (John Mcarthur) reason to leave an otherwise sound church?

    I attend a non-denominational church that is John MacArthur East. We have pastor and teachers from his seminary and teach verse by verse through the bible. It wan't until we hit Matthew 24 that the depth of the dispensationalist bent hit me in full. Is this something that I should leave the...
  7. rrfranks

    Communion & Church Membership

    What do you think, should participation in The Lord's Supper be tied to church membership? For example if you have a covenant child who has grown up in the church and has not become a communicant member of the church should they be allowed to take communion?