1. R

    What legitimizes a person to give marriage?

    Greetings! What makes a person legitimate to give marriage? Here are two examples to explain the question. Person A: Is a pastor in a large church that has thousands of members and is part of a larger church structure; Has a degree from a well-standing seminary; Has a wide following and...
  2. Travis Fentiman

    How Church Rulings Do & Do Not Bind, & of Breaking Them

    If the Church is not neglected today, it is often idolized; if Church authority is not disregarded, it is frequently turned absolute. The Biblical and historically presbyterian position is that Church authority is conditional, and can only confirm the truth and what is good; it binds only...
  3. Andrew35

    Women in our churches experiencing deficient discipleship

    So encountering this perceived problem of poor discipleship of women in our Reformed churches (fill in your favorite, controversial author here), I find myself growing more and more confused. Perhaps I just haven't experienced true discipleship myself as a man, but I just can't seem to...
  4. TheBruisedReed

    ARP Church Seeking Pastor

    Greetings PB, Covenant ARP Church of Jacksonville, North Carolina is searching for a pastor. I'm on the search committee and spreading the word on our beloved board. If anyone here is searching for a pulpit, or if you know of a minister in need of a congregation, please let me know! I'll answer...
  5. RobertPGH1981

    PCA vs RP vs OPC Differences

    Hello All, This has probably been asked before but I wasn't able to find details through searches. Can somebody provide a brief overview of the differences between PCA, RP and OPC presbyterian churches?
  6. Jonathan95

    Laid off and Church Cancelled

    Please pray for me..
  7. Jonathan95

    What does it mean to be "called"?

    I hear many people in the church speak of having been called to do this or that. Marry this person, get this job, enter into ministry, etc. Folks will ask me what are some things I feel called to. And my answer is always the same. Nothing. I just seek to do the will of the Lord as it appears...
  8. Jonathan95

    Pastors must be well spoken of by unbelievers.

    "They must be innocent of wrongdoing, so that the wicked cannot besmirch God's church by claiming that those who lead and govern it are vile, disreputable rogues or men of evil life. Pastors must do their best to see that God's name is not blasphemed and that the wicked do not have cause to...
  9. Von

    The Seven Churches Ages.

    I know about William Branham's "seven church ages" (in other words that the seven churches of Revelation 2,3 are church ages rather than local congregations or representative of congregations). I also know that Branham's theology is not exactly considered mainstream. Question: Does the idea of...
  10. C. Matthew McMahon

    5 Marks of Biblical Commitment to the Visible Body of Christ by C. Matthew McMahon

    5 Marks of Biblical Commitment to the Visible Body of Christ by C. Matthew McMahon This work, in an effort to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in his church, demonstrates how Christians ought to have a sound theology surrounding biblical commitment to Christ’s visible body. This topic includes the...
  11. J.L. Allen

    NAPARC in Alabama

    I have family in Decatur, Alabama that we are visiting. *We’re going to be on the east side of Smith Lake and are looking for a solid NAPARC church to attend in the morning. In light of yesterday’s news with our family, I really want to be with my local body back in Illinois. However, we just...
  12. TheBruisedReed

    ARP or PCA?

    Due to military relocation, my wife and I are in the process of searching for a new church. In our area, we have been blessed with a choice between two different reformed congregations. I'll start out by saying that we have visited both (more than once), and we have found them to be faithful to...
  13. Andrew35


    Hi, I'll possibly be moving to Singapore next year and was looking up Presbyterian churches there. There are... a lot. And being relatively new to Presbyterianism, I wasn't sure how to tease out which is which. I see a goodly number are Exclusive Psalmody, which we are not (our family loves...
  14. Nathan A. Hughes

    The True Israel of God - Lee Roy Shelton Jr.

    This is an informative work on the true Israel of God
  15. Regi Addictissimus

    Question on the Lord's Supper

    Good day, brethren. I was recently asked if I've ever come across in my studies on whether the elements of the Lord's Supper can be administered outside of the church, by the church government, in cases of illnesses and when an individual is bedridden. I have searched my Systematic Theology...
  16. mrhartley85

    Cold and Dead

    Is it a caricature to believe that most reformed Presbyterian churches practice a cold, dead orthodoxy? I am considering visiting a reformed Presbyterian church, but I picture them being lifeless. Am I wrong to believe that about the majority?
  17. R

    Confessional Church in Jacksonville, Fl...

    Moving to Jacksonville, Fl folks. Will y'all please give me some ideas on churches? I can google(and have) but there are plenty for me to choose from over there. I can live anywhere in the area so my first beacon of where to live is where I attend church. I just thought y'all might be able to...
  18. A

    Proverbs 31 as the church?

    Because of some unforeseen circumstances, my wife and I are in seemingly a complete role reversal. I’m having to be a stay-at-Home Dad while looking for work, and my wife is working an office job from home. Currently taking care of three boys, 4 years old and under, is actually more exhausting...
  19. Travis Fentiman


    Friends, One of the great forces of downgrade in American Presbyterianism has been the erosion of the Church's adherence to her constitutional documents and maneuvers to change the very constitution of the church which the officers had previously sworn to uphold. Hence, I have made a webpage...
  20. BlackCalvinist

    Calvinism From Non-reformed To Reformed: Opening Perspectives

    New article series I'm running on my site at This is the first installment. I’ve literally been working on this article for about seventeen years. That’s roughly the amount of time I’ve been reformed. Back then, attending a solid-ish independent baptist church and directing...
  21. Travis Fentiman

    Gillespie on Christ's Mediatorial Kingdom: the Church

    Is Christ’s Kingdom as the Mediator the Church only, or does it include all things? George Gillespie, the Westminster divine and Scottish covenanter has the most in-depth writings on the view that Christ’s Mediatorial Kingdom is the Church only. Many are unaware of Gillespie's extended...
  22. Jonathan95

    I just don't know if I should I leave my church.

    My current church is a non-denominational church in Boston, Ma. The current issues I have with their doctrine is that they are charismatic, and they believe it okay for a woman to teach and preach on the Lord's day if they have the pastor's consent. I am a credo-baptist and the baptist churches...
  23. ImplicationsAbound

    HELP: Does submission under an unbiblical church affect your prayer life?

    Does submission under an unbiblical church affect your prayer life? Or is that shifting blame from my responsibility as an individual? I ask because i plan on leaving my Church. The only thing stopping me is unrepentant sin in my life and a poor prayer life. I want an answer fromm God and i feel...
  24. ChananBachiyr


    I've settled into the OPC in my vicinity, praise God! (But that didn't really have anything to do with my question.) Almost every church I've been in has had a time of corporate prayer, when requests and praises were given as a congregation and documented for continuing prayer afterwards. While...
  25. Matthew G. Bianco

    Two Parts of the Seed of Abraham?

    Have you ever heard the dispensationalist's argument that there are "two parts" to the promised seed of Abraham? Meaning there is the promised physical descendants of Abraham (Israel) and the Church? For me this teaching rejects Galatians 3 and also the teaching that gentiles are grafted into...
  26. A

    Louis Berkhof on the Catholicity of the Church

    In Louis Berkhof's Systematic Theology, when treating the doctrine of the Church's catholicity, states the following: Has anyone taken Berkhof's questions to task, since his writing them?
  27. ImplicationsAbound

    Millennia's less likely to attend church?

    Hi everyone, I am undertaking the observation that is due my class and with the question of millennials, or the millennial generation. Are they less likely to attend a church? And to stress my point further,less likely to live out a particular faith? If it is true. How can we validate that...
  28. A

    Churches Among the Papists

    I am a bit confused. Is Calvin saying that there are true churches among the Papists or not? Maybe I am missing distinctions he is making? "12. Therefore, while we are unwilling simply to concede the name of Church to the Papists, we do not deny that there are churches among them. The...
  29. N

    Formal vow taking at church?

    Recently I presented a similar though more extended inquiry here. Does your church require the taking of formal vows? Edit: Also if yes, please provide a link if available to where your church publishes the formal vows, e.g. Constitution, Book of Order, etc.... To answer my own question...
  30. Elisabeth

    Head covering

    I have a question regarding 1 Corinthians 11. I am sure it has been discussed in this forum somewhere already. Is it proper for a woman to wear a head covering as she prays or prophesies? It seems to me that the verse does state that this is appropriate, but I know many leaders I greatly respect...