1. C. Matthew McMahon

    Reminder: Matthew Mead's Work on the Plague - A Timely Read

    Discovering the Wickedness of Our Heart by Matthew Mead (1630-1699) Matthew Mead (Meade) (1630-1699) was an independent puritan divine, and popular reformed preacher and morning lecturer at Stepney Church (London). Without the bad news of sin, death and hell, there can be no good news of...
  2. M

    What to do if husband has 2 or more wives when converting to Christ?

    I curious to know what must a newly converted husband do if he has two or more wives— due to his ex-religion or tradition, such as Islam or native Indian tribes. Or, perhaps I can restate the question like this: What must a husband do before he converts to Christ if he has two or more wives—...
  3. Matthew G. Bianco

    About me, but God first

    Hello fellow Puritans! I should've wrote this before making my other posts, but oh well. I am Matthew G. Bianco, currently a 19 year old attending Wheaton College (IL) getting a chemical engineering degree through Wheaton's 3/2 program (I am on summer break now). As you can imagine from my...
  4. C. Matthew McMahon

    Our First Book of The New Year is on Conversion by Simeon Ashe

    The Efficiency of God’s Grace in Bringing Gain-Saying Sinners to Christ, by Simeon Ashe (d. 1662) Simeon Ashe (d. 1662) was a puritan minister of the Gospel and a member of the Westminster Assembly. He is described as a man of great sincerity, humility, benevolence, prudence, and patience: as...
  5. R

    Alarm and Call (Alleine and Baxter)

    There's a pretty incredible collector's item on 1888 copy of a book "Alarm and Call" which collects the two greatest Puritan works on conversion: Joseph Alleine's "An Alarm to the Unconverted" and Richard Baxter's "A Call to Unconverted Sinners". Peruse and enjoy! Alarm and Call...
  6. johnbugay

    Statistics on Conversions to Roman Catholicism

    Sorry for the double posting -- but in my initial post on this topic, I put a colon in the title, which affected the formatting. I've deleted that one, and all of that same information is here. In another thread, Dudley provided a link to research that suggested that in the United States...