1. Michael E

    Help me understand PaedoBaptism (As a Credobaptist)

    Forgive me if this has either been discussed (I'm sure it has but couldn't find a concise thread here) or this is the wrong place. Hear my plea: I am reformed baptist (inb4 we all joke that baptists can't be fully reformed). However, my wife and I have both come to a place where we feel like...
  2. R.G. Sassard


    Hey Guys. I just started getting deep into reformed theology a few years back (or really just theology in general) and I am reformed baptist as of now. Of course, I have learned much from reformed Presbyterian theologians and others such as Anglican as well. I love the things they have to say...
  3. J.L. Allen

    Paedo-Baptism Answers A Baptist’s Paper Wanting Answers

    My friend wrote this paper giving his objection to paedobaptism for a class at TEDS. This more or less summarizes his view. He said he would love to switch views should Scripture support it. I know, y’all know, that Scripture supports our view, but I’m too new to give a rebuttal at this level...
  4. MooreJo

    Paedo-Baptism Answers How do I answer these questions?

    A credobaptist friend of mine posed these questions and I want to know how to correctly answer them. He tends to be a "chapter and verse" type of guy who will seldom settle for anything other than explicit scriptural support. Is baptism and circumcision related in any way? If so, how so...
  5. A

    What was the seed that started your change of mind?

    I was surprised to find in one of the polls on this board that so many people had gone from being credobaptists to paedobaptists. So my question is specifically to those who have had such a change of mind. What is it that sowed the seed of doubt about credobaptism for you? What was that hook...
  6. eqdj

    From Credo to Paedo: Your Decisive Turn

    I'm reading "The Case For Covenantal Infant Baptism" edited by Gregg Strawbridge, published by P&R. In his Introduction, Strawbridge writes of his coming to Paedobaptism from Credobaptism. On page four he writes, "My study of the issue took a decisive turn when I began to see that the new...
  7. goretorade

    I am rethinking being Credo! (for Paedobaptists)

    I have been rethinking my baptism view lately, and have come to a point were I am not sure if I truly believe that the children of believing parent(s) should be baptize. I am pretty sure I know the ends and outs of both sides, but the linchpin for me is that I am not sure if I see a two-fold...
  8. Semper Fidelis

    Introducing the Credo-Baptism Answers forum

    I've created this sub-forum to be a non-debating area for members to ask questions and receive clarification on the confessional understanding of the Ordinance of Baptism from Credo-Bapists only.
  9. jpechin

    Why I became credo

    I'm a new guy, so you will hopefully excuse what is likely the umpteenth million thread started on this issue and allow me to cut my young milk teeth on this issue... I recently came out of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Great denomination, and I can say nothing wrong of them. I had to...