1. SebastianClinciuJJ

    The difference between permitting and doing

    It is a well know fact that Calvin rejected the language that "something took place by the permission of God, but not also by the will of God." (Institutes, I. XVIII. I) It’s intersting that, after rejecting the language of permission, he cites Augustine using language of permission and takes...
  2. Matthew G. Bianco

    Controversial John Calvin quote

    I have seen people quote this from John Calvin to "prove" he taught that God is the author of sin. Perhaps the context of this quote would clear it up, or perhaps Calvin meant something anti-Calvinists won't allow him to mean. What do you guys think? "From this it is easy to conclude how...
  3. Travis Fentiman

    Resources Available: Infra & Supralapsarianism

    Friends, If it is of interest, and as I suspect many here probably have opinions on the topic, I have collected as many resources on Infralapsarianism and Supralapsarianism as I could get my hands on through reformed history. For those new to the subject, of whether God, in his predestinating...
  4. Matthew G. Bianco

    God's decrees: The whole "child rape" argument

    I have heard anti-Calvinists usually argue against Calvinism by quoting James White's response to a question "does God decree child rape" to which he responded "yes, otherwise it's a meaningless evil." Now, I have likewise heard Bob Enyart, an open-theist heretic, say that in order for God to...
  5. T

    Can Persons make choices apart from the decree of God?

    Hey guys I'm wondering if you could help me out on this. I got into a Facebook discussion on God decreeing evil and yet not sinning. I posited this syllogism: Regardless of where you land on this issue, I believe the following syllogism still holds: "i. Anything that begins to exist has...