1. R

    Reformed Protestant Church {New Denomination}

    Has anyone heard about the split from the Protestant Reformed Church this year and the resulting formation of the Reformed Protestant Denomination by Andy Lanning?
  2. fredtgreco

    Christ EPC in Houston votes to leave EPC

    This past Sunday, Christ EPC in Houston, TX, pastored by my friend, Richard Harris, voted 311-11 to leave the EPC and join with the PCA. The meeting was marked by unity and a spirit of grace. I especially appreciated the EPC Presbytery representatives, who were gracious in their remarks and made...
  3. K

    Working together

    A discussion over the weekend with dear friends brought this up. At what point do we consider that there is sufficient agreement to work with others outside of our denomination in evangelism? Some seem to believe that we should only work with others from our particular denomination; some...