Denominations/Fellowships for Reformed Congregationalists

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Matt LaMaster

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Hey All,

First time poster, long time reader...

Anyways, I pastor a wonderful, independent Reformed church in Holden, Me. I'm just curious if any of you know of any Reformed Congregationalist Denominations/Fellowships? I know about the CCCC and the EARCC, but I was hoping to find something more explicitly Reformed and Complementarian. We're a "baptyterean church" (with both paedo/credo baptists). I haven't been able to find a fellowship which would be just the right fit, but who knows? There's always one more corner of the internet.

I have seen a few of you other Independents poking around, so curious how you guys all handled this question.

Some folks from College Church out of Wheaton, IL recently planted a church near us. Sounds like it is congregatoinalist, Calvinistic and allows paedo/credo baptists. I get the impression that there is an informal network of churches planted by College Church and her daughter churches, but I'm not sure if it's official.
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