1. D

    How valid is an ordination according to Reformed doctrine? Is there an "apostolic succession" of laying on of hands through elders?

    I don't speak english very well. So forgive me if something is not understandable. My question concerns the practice of ordination in Presbyterian and Reformed churches. As I understand it, ordinations with the laying on of hands by other presbyters, previously ordained, are only valid. In...
  2. R

    Reformed Protestant Church {New Denomination}

    Has anyone heard about the split from the Protestant Reformed Church this year and the resulting formation of the Reformed Protestant Denomination by Andy Lanning?
  3. Lukemk824


    If this has been discussed here before, direct me that way. I have wondered for some time, why do so many reformed believers struggle with assurance of their salvation? Is it such a knowledge of depravity that it is hard to conceive The Creator saving them?
  4. SolusChristus1646

    Best Reformed Bible Dictionaries?

    Happy Lord's Day. I've seen a thread on here that is already closed dealing with reformed Bible Dictionaries but it didn't seem to give a clear-cut answer as to which maybe the top three Reformed Bible dictionaries are. Looking for some insight on this if anyone knows which ones are best. Thanks!
  5. Holos

    What am I?

    Howdy, I'm curious as to what denomination/camp really fits me best, and I thought there could be some filial wisdom here. The more I know about and read them, I LOVE most puritan writers and thinkers, but not exclusively...I love things about Luther and Calvin (and myriad others of reformed...
  6. Amy Green

    To what extent is the head his household responsible for the faith of the household?

    Hey everyone! I come from a Reformed (Paedobapist) background and have been defending that front against a growing number of friends from the same background who have become Baptist. Recently, however, the implications of my theology have hit home rather hard and I am considerably less convinced...
  7. Greg Hitt

    What of Gateway Seminary?

    Hey everyone! I live in Colorado Springs and options for seminary training are sli . We have NGTS, but it's unaccredited. There's Denver Seminary, but it leans libera . We also have the rocky mountain campus of Gateway Seminary. Does anyone on here know anything about Gateway Seminary? Are...
  8. Anthony W. Brown II

    TNARS and its Affiliate Status

    Good evening everyone. I've been doing research about different seminaries and their benefits. The North American Reformed Seminary has come up in multiple discussions, with relatively good opinions all around. My question is about their Affiliate status. Why are they affiliated with ARTS but...
  9. C. Matthew McMahon

    Christopher Love's Last Unpublished and Rare Work - Now Available

    The Christian’s Duty and Safety in Evil Times by Christopher Love (1618-1651) "Love is without a doubt, one of my favorites writers of all time. Eminently biblical and exceedingly practical. This new work is a gem in both regards." - Dr. McMahon Christopher Love (1618-1651) was a fiery and...
  10. C. Matthew McMahon

    The Wickedness, Humiliation, Restoration and Reformation of Manasseh by C. Matthew McMahon

    The Wickedness, Humiliation, Restoration and Reformation of Manasseh by C. Matthew McMahon Manasseh ought to hold a special place to two kinds of people who read the Bible. The first is the sinner who thinks they have sins that are bigger than Christ is a Savior. They are timid to come to the...
  11. C. Matthew McMahon

    How to Hear the Preaching of God’s Word with Profit by Stephen Egerton (1555–1621)

    How to Hear the Preaching of God’s Word with Profit by Stephen Egerton (1555–1621) Have you ever taken time to learn what it means to hear the word of God preached with profit, and to understand what ought to be done before, during and after the sermon? Stephen Egerton (1555–1621) was an...
  12. Roger D Duke

    Resurgence of Particular Redemption and Reformed Leaning Theology in the SBC

    To all who are Presbyterian or Reformed: What are some observations you may have anecdotally concerning the reemergence of Particular Redemption and Reformed leaning doctrines amongst Baptists in general and the SBC in particular. No pun intended. This should give me some good food for...
  13. Alexander

    Stumbling Block to Becoming Reformed - Perseverance

    I've spent the last two months searching for all available books on the Perseverance of the Saints. I've found that every single historical work on the matter, that I could find, teaches that the regenerate can never lose faith. I will explain why this is a stumbling block for me if I wished to...
  14. Jonathan95

    22 Year old new Reformed Christian.

    Hey there! My name is Jonathan. It's an absolute pleasure to meet fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord. I suppose I'll go ahead and start with my testimony. While being homeless in 2014 I was working at a doughnut shop carrying my bags with me everywhere. I wasn't making nearly enough money...
  15. A

    English-Speaking Reformed or Lutheran Church Near Zürich?

    I'll be moving to Zürich for six months and am looking for an English-Speaking Reformed or Lutheran church in the area. The closest I can find is a PCA mission 115 km north-west in Neuenburg, Germany. It's almost impossible to be a faithful member at such a distance. While I can speak and...
  16. Matthew G. Bianco

    What Reformed Flavor am I?

    I know there are different kinds of reformed, though we all agree on the core reformed (confessional) standards. I wanted to know for a long time, what kind (or flavor) of reformed am I based on my beliefs? Or, what group of people who were considered reformed would my views best fit into...
  17. Christian Teegardin

    A Re-Introduction

    (I haven't been on the PuritanBoard for about 1/3 a year or so, and I have discovered more about myself... Will feature a bunch of random confessions, so be prepared... And personal concerns, of course.) A: About Me My name is Christian Lloyd Teegardin and I am an independent Calvinist (I was...
  18. John P

    Is it an oxymoron to label oneself Reformed Semi-Augustinian?

    Sooo... I am currently taking theology classes for a Theology Minor at my university, and one of the classes we had to take was Systematic Theology. It was broken into two classes (1 and 2) and had a lot of reading. Now, going to a Pentecostal college, I knew that I was bound to run into...
  19. 2ndViolinist

    Reformed Reading Recommendations for Youth

    Hello everyone, Here is my situation: My parents are Roman Catholic. Even though I am an adult, I still live at home. When my parents attend mass, I attend a Reformed church. I have a younger sister who goes with them, but I have been trying to witness to her for a while and really, see to it...
  20. M

    Reformed Bibliography for ex-Dispensationalists

    Hello brothers and sisters, I created this thread so that you may recommend reformed bibliographic literature (books or articles, old and, preferably, new) on the following subjects and aspects: 1. A work introducing Amillennialism, but, at the same time, refuting dispensational and/or...
  21. S

    General Equity and RP Denomination Interpretation

    Hello, all. Does anyone know if any RP denomination has dissent toward John Calvin's interpretation of general equity? More specifically, do any disagree with his interpretation of proving a case with witnesses? Here's what my denomination's literature states: "The accused cannot be...
  22. J

    Reformed & Wesleyan

    I received a full scholarship to study at Asbury Theological Seminary. So far, the readings have been pretty diverse, including some Reformed authors. As you see it, what are the similarities between the Reformed and Wesleyan perspectives? (I know there are many differences, but I'd be...
  23. Z

    Hi there from Wisconsin!

    Hi there! I am Zel Barribeau from Wisconsin! Been Reformed for 4 years! Me and my husband have 2 little ones and are members of a small denomination.
  24. SinnerSavedByChrist

    Paul Washer: False teacher? Wrong on justification?

    Preface: It is widely acknowledged on this board (but not in the wider Christianity) that to be reformed means you are a paedobaptist, you hold to the RPW, and subscribe 100% to the 3FU or WCF. And any one who is a credobaptist whether he is Macarthurite, a Particular baptist, a 1689 Covenantal...
  25. S

    Is The Family International legit?

    Does anybody know whether or not The Family International is a legit denomination? Their Statement of Faith appeared to also take a semi-Reformed stance on salvation by grace... But a quick Google search brings them up as a cult. Any light on the subject would be great! Thanks! :D
  26. Adam1689

    New Guy from South Georgia

    Hey everybody! Heard about the Puritan Board from an episode of the Dividing Line and thought I take a look. Some of my favorite authors are John Bunyan, Albert Mohler, James White, and Arthur Pink. Always glad to meet more reformed brethren!
  27. passingpilgrim

    reformed books

    does anyone know of a reformed bookstore in texas that allows you to "rent" their books for a couple of weeks?: I have done this before but can't remember the name of the place. They would send them free of charge. Has anyone heard of this or know what I am talking about?
  28. jandrusk

    Looking for a Reformed Church in Cleveland, Ohio?

    If you or someone you know are in the Cleveland, Ohio area and are looking for a solidly reformed church, please come visit us at Lake OPC. You can find more information at the link below. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions. Lake Orthodox Presbyterian Church
  29. charispistis

    Audio Series verse by verse of all 66 Books of Bible

    Hello Everyone, I don't know if this has been asked before, but I am looking for a bible study series verse by verse on all 66 books of the Bible. The only person I know that did this was J Vernon McGee on his 5 year study. I appreciate much of what he did, but he is not Reformed and is a...
  30. thbslawson

    Who's Reformed??

    This may seem like a dumb question, but what exactly does the term "reformed" mean? It seems the exact use of and application of the word in regards to an individual, church or denomination has become rather subjective and gets thrown around a lot. For instance, I hear it said from time to...