1. Travis Fentiman

    Online Hebrew & Greek Grammars & Resources

    Do you want to learn to read God’s Word in one of the original languages of Scripture? Never has it been easier to start on your own. These new webpages of Hebrew and Greek grammars at ReformedBooksOnline will readily start you on your way. The pages are also very useful for intermediate and...
  2. RobertPGH1981

    BDAG for Septuagint?

    Hello All, Is there a Greek-English lexicon (BDAG) for the Septuagint? I have 3rd Edition BDAG for NT which is great. What about Septuagint. Thanks, Rob
  3. RobertPGH1981

    Original Manuscripts in Type not Pictures

    Hello All, I am reviewing textual variants in a pericope that I selected out of Mark 6:7-13. I am trying to view the original manuscripts but the originals are very hard to read. Is there a website that has the manuscripts in word processing type (like you are reading now)? I found this...
  4. RobertPGH1981

    New Testament Greek Flash Cards

    Hello All, This semester at RPTS I am going to be starting off New Testament Greek. As I prepare for the course I was wondering if anybody had home made templates to generate flash cards for memorization. They could be the letters, prefix, suffix or even the words themselves. Anything all all...
  5. J.L. Allen

    Give Me Your Best Mnemonics!

    For Hebrew, Greek, and Latin! I want your best mnemonic devices for vocabulary. If you have ones for grammar rules, I welcome those, too.
  6. G

    Does Paul use gender accurate language in 2nd Corinthians?

    Full disclosure, I am an english-only speaking lay-person with access to a Strong’s concordance. In other words, the most dangerous kind of theologian. That is why I am reaching out here. There are a number of covenant verses that refer to a father and son(s) relationship with God. My...
  7. J.L. Allen

    Greek Grammars

    Mods, please move if this is in the wrong section. Ok folks, Before starting seminary next year (Lord willing), I wanted to get people's opinions on Greek grammar textbooks. I have a few textbooks already from my studies at Moody. As listed: 1. A Primer for Biblical Greek by N. Clayton Croy...
  8. Filter

    2nd Declension Neuter Nouns

    I have been trying to learn Greek over the past couple months, using Constantine Campbell and Richard Gibson’s Reading Biblical Greek (It was given to me for Christmas last year). In my current lesson, I notice that 2nd declension neuter nouns decline differently that their masculine...
  9. J.L. Allen

    Mounce’s Greek Grammar 3rd vs 4th

    I’m looking to buy a new grammar because I really don’t care for Croy’s Primer. Does anyone know about the 3rd vs 4th editions of Mounce? I’d get the workbook, too.
  10. Filter

    The place of the Biblical languages in Christian education

    I am a staff member at a Bible college, and our classes began for the Spring semester this week. As our Biblical languages instructor is new, I sat in on his first class to evaluate his pedagogical aptitude. He began the class period by discussing the place of Biblical languages in Christian...
  11. blood-bought

    Is art of pagan false gods acceptable in certain situations?

    Hi all, I have been doing some buying and selling recently and I bought a large head bust of what I was told to be a Roman emperor. I know it sounds questionable but at the time I was thinking that those interested in history would appreciate it but then I found out it is actually a replica of...
  12. Travis Fentiman

    Greek Dictionaries

    Free is better than not-free. Here is the harvest of Greek dictionaries available online (both classical and for the New Testament), to help you understand and love God's Word more. Greek Dictionaries - ReformedBooksOnline If you don't know Greek, how are you going to read God's Word as He...
  13. Q

    Second Year Greek

    Dear brothers, Does anyone know a good free course on the second year/intermediate greek? Video lectures will be idea!!! I already went through Bill Mounce and David Black's courses/the entry level one. As I am in a country where these resources are not quite available. I recently got...
  14. chatwithstumac

    Hebrew/Greek Computer Keyboard

    Greetings, When I was first learning Hebrew and Greek, I found it very important to write out each letter. Now, I find myself wanting to type in Hebrew and Greek as I learn more. I found a helpful online keyboard for Hebrew. They also have Greek there. I am eager to try out these...
  15. H

    Rosetta Stone

    I have seen that Rosetta Stone offers Greek and Hebrew lessons. Does anyone know if they are any good? RS is very expensive and if I decide to buy those, I don't want to be disappointed.
  16. C

    Free Online Biblical Greek course

    I've got my online Greek course freely available here. Use access code Q3KK2-CJTXP to gain immediate access to all the stuff.
  17. reformedman

    iPad Interlinear Greek Translation Software

    Hello, I'd like to get an interlinear for my iPad but I can't find one that has breath marks and proper accents. I'd appreciate suggestions if anyone has one. I just found this one in my search for one, and it's one I am very familiar with on the internet but I can't find whether it supports...
  18. reformedman

    ASV 1901 and the Greek and throw in some GoatSkin

    Hey everyone, I wonder if anyone knows of a site that will take particular designs requests for the construction of a Bible. I'd like to get the Septuagint and NT Greek to be side by side or top-bottom with the ASV version. To make things even more difficult, I'd like it wrapped in goat if...
  19. K

    Help needed - software to help learn Biblical Hebrew and/or Greek?

    Hello all, My husband is studying for his Master's and needs something to help him learn Biblical Hebrew and Greek. He has a diagnosed learning disability, and just studying the textbook for 30 hours a week didn't help enough last semester. What about software programs specifically designed...
  20. C

    Classic vs Modern Koine Greek Pronunciation

    What is the difference between classic and modern pronunciation of koine Greek? What do you prefer? Why? What are the advantages/disadvantages of the different pronunciations?
  21. C

    3rd edition of Mounce's Available

    The third edition of Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek is now available. It doesn't sound too different from the second edition, but looks a little prettier from the previews. Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar (9780310287681): William D. Mounce: Books
  22. PointyHaired Calvinist

    Translations of the Septuagint?

    Steve and Tim's discussion has gotten me more interested in the Septuagint. Sir Lancelot Brenton's translation is the most well-known in the English-speaking world (and has the Greek in parallel columns), but the New English Translation of the Septuagint has been released recently and is...
  23. Augusta

    Animated online Koine Greek course.

    A friend found this online Koine Greek course. You watch videos with a little guy hopping around the screen teaching you Greek. It's great for both teens and adults. It's done by Dr. Ted Hildebrandt from Gordon College. You can also order it on CD-ROM with workbooks etc from Amazon. The...