1. S

    Vowel‐points on the ketib

    Did Masoretic manuscripts typically have points on both the qere and ketib, or only on one of them?
  2. S

    Of Diffrences between the traditional Ben Chayim Hebrew Bible and the Modern Ben-Asher versions

    Hello, It is my understanding that the traditional text of the OT was supplanted about a century ago for the Ben-Asher text of the Leningrad Codex. Useful information of this has been posted by @Jerusalem Blade on post #38 of the thread Do textual variants give us confidence? Has anyone ever...
  3. Travis Fentiman

    Online Hebrew & Greek Grammars & Resources

    Do you want to learn to read God’s Word in one of the original languages of Scripture? Never has it been easier to start on your own. These new webpages of Hebrew and Greek grammars at ReformedBooksOnline will readily start you on your way. The pages are also very useful for intermediate and...
  4. iddevalois

    LORD or Lord? Using the Tetragrammaton w/ Theological Presision

    The Bible translations I read and study (ESV and CSB, among others) use a variation of capitalization in conjunction with a variety of words for what the ESV's preface calls "tetragrammaton." As a young lay-person, I know very little about Hebrew and Greek, but I'm curious about the impact this...
  5. Santiago DO

    Learn Hebrew inductively

    Hi family, I share with you these free lessons for learning Hebrew in an interesting way. Hebrew lessons This is their website: freehebrew.hismagnificence.com I hope it be useful for some of you.
  6. J.L. Allen

    Give Me Your Best Mnemonics!

    For Hebrew, Greek, and Latin! I want your best mnemonic devices for vocabulary. If you have ones for grammar rules, I welcome those, too.
  7. G

    Does Paul use gender accurate language in 2nd Corinthians?

    Full disclosure, I am an english-only speaking lay-person with access to a Strong’s concordance. In other words, the most dangerous kind of theologian. That is why I am reaching out here. There are a number of covenant verses that refer to a father and son(s) relationship with God. My...
  8. J.L. Allen

    Greek Grammars

    Mods, please move if this is in the wrong section. Ok folks, Before starting seminary next year (Lord willing), I wanted to get people's opinions on Greek grammar textbooks. I have a few textbooks already from my studies at Moody. As listed: 1. A Primer for Biblical Greek by N. Clayton Croy...
  9. WildWolf1

    What book should I buy to learn Biblical Hebrew

    It would be helpful if the book came with CDs. I'm a complete beginner.
  10. Filter

    Phonetic difference between kamatz and kamatz-hatup

    hello! I was wondering what, however minute, the phonetic sound of בָ is. I have been taught that kamatz is like the a in “father” and the kamatz-hatup is like the o in “cot”, but that seems identical to me. Does anyone have any examples or demonstrations that help show the distinction...
  11. Filter

    The place of the Biblical languages in Christian education

    I am a staff member at a Bible college, and our classes began for the Spring semester this week. As our Biblical languages instructor is new, I sat in on his first class to evaluate his pedagogical aptitude. He began the class period by discussing the place of Biblical languages in Christian...
  12. Ask Mr. Religion

    Young's Analytical Concordance 2018-10-19

    In this concordance, every word in the English Bible is cast into proper alphabetical order, these are then arranged under their respective original words, all in their own proper alphabetical order. This is around a 220MB download. It has been OCR'd and and Table of Contents added. This is...
  13. Travis Fentiman

    Hebrew Dictionaries Online

    Need dictionaries for Biblical Hebrew? Here is what's on the net, with some recommendations of contemporary works for purchase, including theological dictionaries on the Old Testament: Biblical Hebrew Dictionaries - ReformedBooksOnline
  14. chatwithstumac

    Hebrew/Greek Computer Keyboard

    Greetings, When I was first learning Hebrew and Greek, I found it very important to write out each letter. Now, I find myself wanting to type in Hebrew and Greek as I learn more. I found a helpful online keyboard for Hebrew. They also have Greek there. I am eager to try out these...
  15. H

    Rosetta Stone

    I have seen that Rosetta Stone offers Greek and Hebrew lessons. Does anyone know if they are any good? RS is very expensive and if I decide to buy those, I don't want to be disappointed.
  16. charispistis

    Translation of Ezekiel 28:14-16 question.

    Hello, I have a question regarding the translation of this section of the book of Ezekiel in one of my Portuguese (Brazil) translations. Compared to many other reliable translations like ESV, NASB, KJV and others in the Portuguese language, it reads differently especially in verses 14 and 16...
  17. K

    Help needed - software to help learn Biblical Hebrew and/or Greek?

    Hello all, My husband is studying for his Master's and needs something to help him learn Biblical Hebrew and Greek. He has a diagnosed learning disability, and just studying the textbook for 30 hours a week didn't help enough last semester. What about software programs specifically designed...
  18. A

    Hebrew Audio Bible

    Academy of Ancient Languages