1. C. Matthew McMahon

    Iron Sharpens Iron - Hearing the Word Preached

    Just a note to those who might be able to tune in... FREE BOOKS Giveaway *TODAY*, FEB. 22nd, 4-6PM *ET* our guest on "IRON SHARPENS IRON" Radio will be: DR. C. MATTHEW McMAHON, founder of A Puritan's Mind who will address: "The LORD's VOICE Cries to the City: A Biblical Guide For HEARING the...
  2. C. Matthew McMahon

    Expository or Experimental Preaching and Revival

    I'm updating Gospel Worship by Burroughs (lots of requests for that). One of the things that is hitting me (again, having read this quite a few times), is twofold: 1. That unless we worship God as God requires, we don't worship God, and we have never sanctified his name. (This thought should...
  3. C. Matthew McMahon

    Being Able to Do Our Duty in Worship in the Hearing of the Word

    I'm working on a book by John Jackson (1600-1648), dealing with conducting one's self in public worship. I personally preached through a series called "The Lord's Voice Cries to the City" which surrounded how the congregation should consider the act of preaching from their perspective. I'm also...
  4. C. Matthew McMahon

    The Best Pastoral Theology and Preaching Books

    I've been working through writing summaries of all the books I have on pastoral theology and homiletics. They are "evaluations / summaries" but my intent is to supply the reader with the best information from these works in cliff-note form. If you were to read all the best works on preaching...
  5. C. Matthew McMahon

    How do you pronounce his name?

    I'm dedicating a large amount of time over the next six months to a new project on Pastoral Theology. I'm working to update A Puritan's Mind's Pastoral Section with quite a lot of new information. I've been rereading all my pastoral theology books again, and most of them quote Alexandre R. Vinet...
  6. Bookmeister

    Do you believe in the Redemptive-Historical model of preaching?

    I would like a feel for where people stand on PB about this. I am fairly new and interested. 1. Yes, it's the only way to preach. 2. Yes, it has it's place. 3. No, it ignores application. 4. No 5. What's Redemptive-Historical preaching?