1. T

    Ordo salutis misrepresentation (or not)

    Hello all, I have recently been told by my non-Reformed Pastor that the Westminster confession says that: When the believer is regenerated, justification and adoption both happen at the same time of regeneration. When asked for a reference in the cathechism he refused to provide it (he...
  2. TryingToLearn

    Best Arguments Against Post-Regeneration Earning of Justification?

    I recently saw an EO arguing that since the power at work in our good works following regeneration is divine, it can therefore merit salvation (being then of infinite worth). I was hoping I could get a list of verses that preclude the idea of meriting justification by post-regeneration good...
  3. RobertPGH1981

    Paralytic Sins Forgiven for their Faith

    Hello All, Simple question, how do we make sense of this passage when it says that the man's sins were forgiven for their faith and not based solely on his own. Mar 2:4 And when they could not get near him because of the crowd, they removed the roof above him, and when they had made an...
  4. SebastianClinciuJJ

    On the forgivness of post-baptismal sins

    While I was reading Michael Horton's treatment on the history of Justification, I came across Origen's doctrine. Horton writes of Origen's Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans, "When Origen affirms justification by grace (even by the gift of Christ's merits), it is always with respect to sins...
  5. SebastianClinciuJJ

    Alister McGrath’s interpretation of Augustine

    Hello, I am reading McGrath’s Iustitia Dei and I came across something strange. In his analysis of Augustine’s concept of free will, he writes: “According to Augustine, the act of faith is itself a divine gift, in which God acts upon the rational soul in such a way that it comes to believe...
  6. Haeralis

    Ezekiel 33:12-16 and works righteousness

    Today, some Roman Catholics made use of the following passage, Eze. 33:12-16, to propagate their doctrine that God demands righteous works for us to be declared just before Him. I was not familiar with the passage, so I was not sure how to properly interpret it so that it is in-line with the...
  7. Jeroen

    Roman Catholic view of Justification in JDDJ and the reformed view.

    I have email contact with a Roman Catholic friend, we have been going back and forth over justification. But whatever I say or whatever I quote from the RC teaching it always comes back to him saying that there is no difference or that it is a semantic discussion or whatever. He does this by...
  8. JTB.SDG

    Condemned SOLELY for IMPUTED sin; or can ACTUAL sin condemn as well?

    All, This is loosely connected with Covenant Theology so I posted it here. I've got some thoughts on this but wanted to glean from the wisdom of other brothers as well, and especially if any of the older writers addressed this question. First, some background: Romans 5 is the most important...
  9. T

    Jonathan Edwards and Justification

    Hello, brothers and sisters. Recently I listened to this podcast in which Dr. R. Scott Clark talked about Jonathan Edwards' deficient view of justification (specifically see 39:09-46:45 in the link above). In short, his accusation is that Edwards simply is "ambiguous" regarding justification...
  10. SinnerSavedByChrist

    Paul Washer: False teacher? Wrong on justification?

    Preface: It is widely acknowledged on this board (but not in the wider Christianity) that to be reformed means you are a paedobaptist, you hold to the RPW, and subscribe 100% to the 3FU or WCF. And any one who is a credobaptist whether he is Macarthurite, a Particular baptist, a 1689 Covenantal...
  11. The Sola System

    Timothy Kauffman's Recent Critique of Brown, Tchividjian & Keller

    Today I received the latest issue of the Trinity Review in my parsonage mailbox, featuring the first half of an article by Timothy Kauffman (PCA), entitled: "Sanctification, Half Full: The Myopic Hermeneutic of the Grace Movement." The author focuses chiefly on the views of PCA Pastors Steve...
  12. jason d

    Good New Perspectives on Paul Resources Compiled

    Ligonier Ministries most recent Tabletalk magazine is called "What N.T. Wright Really Said" (you can read the entire issue online here). They also just "put together this collection of tools (audio/videos/articles) to help Christians discern the errors behind the approach of N.T. Wright and for...
  13. johnbugay

    The root of Roman misunderstanding of Justification

    There is an exceptional discussion of justification in the early church over at Triablogue: Triablogue: Seeds Of The Reformation This is part of an ongoing discussion with some of the “Called to Communion” gang. As many of you probably know, justification was at the root of the...
  14. Grillsy

    Repentance and Faith

    Due to a recent conversation with an independant Baptist (the bad kind think Jack Hyles type), I submit the following question from Theology 101. What role does repentance play in our justification? Or Is repentance essential to salvation considering justification is by faith alone?
  15. Z

    The relationship between faith and desire

    Lately, I've been trying to deepen my understanding of the nature of regeneration, faith, justification, and sanctification. I understand that Protestants have understood faith as consisting of knowledge, assent, and trust. My confusion comes as I am attempting to understand the place of one's...
  16. Guido's Brother

    The Genius of the Reformation

    I just uploaded the audio from Prof. Alan Strange's speech, "The Genius of the Reformation: How a Just God Justifies the Ungodly." You can find all the info here.