lord's prayer

  1. Von

    Give us this day our daily bread

    Can anyone provide me with some insight on the word "daily" (ἐπιούσιος)? I see that it is a hapax legomenon and I am aware of the controversy as to its meaning. Does anyone have a bit more insight than the cacophony that we find on wikipedia or the rest of the internet?
  2. Von

    Why do we ask "forgive us our debts" if our sins have been forgiven?

    I am working through the Exposition of the Lord's Prayer, by Thomas Hooker. His explanation for the above-mentioned question seems a bit thin... Any thoughts?
  3. kevin.carroll

    Praying for Trespasses or Debts?

    I have been trying to get at the heart of the question of why Presbyterians so doggedly pray "forgive us our debts" when everyone else prays "forgive us our trespasses." I've come acrosss some theories on the subject (two of which sound like sanctified urban legends to me): 1. It was pure...