matthew henry

  1. Charles Johnson

    Anselm, Calvin, Bullinger, Olevian, Dickson, Fergusson, MH on mediatorial kingship

    Hi all, I wrote an article with quotes from these men and a few others on the doctrine of mediatorial kingship - for some of them, it's the first time these sections have been translated into English. Unfortunately, when I tried to post it on facebook, their spam filter blacklisted my blog, so...
  2. Logan

    Kindle - To Those Who Profane The Lord's Day

    This is a new release of Matthew Henry's pastoral, yet convicting treatise for those who do not keep the Lord's Day and for those who imagine they do. Unabridged and lightly edited by Jon Norman (for ease of reading). His introduction: Kindle link
  3. Adam Olive

    Reading through Matthew Henry

    Does anyone know of any good tools or schedules for reading through Matthew Henry's commentary?
  4. C. Matthew McMahon

    Christian Walk and Theology Section

    Here are current theological updates to the Christian Walk and Theology Section of APM: The Genealogy of the Pope by Anthony Gilby (1510-1585) Adoring God in Worship - by Matthew Henry Adoring God Who is the Christian's Hope - by Samuel Hopkins Christ Humbled Himself - by Samuel Willard...
  5. Logan

    Kindle - Meekness and Quietness of Spirit by Matthew Henry

    Matthew Henry (1662--1714) first published this excellent book in 1699. Henry himself said "That temper of mind, which meekness endeavors to promote, and to charm men into, every one will own to be highly conducive to the comfort of human life, the honor of our holy religion, and the welfare and...
  6. F

    Review: The Secret of Communion with God by Matthew Henry

    Hey folks, I published a review of Matthew Henry's The Secret of Communion with God over at my blog today- Review: The Secret of Communion with God. Hope you enjoy it!
  7. C

    WHI guys bemoan Matthew Henry

    On the White Horse Inn, during the 11/23/08 episode, entitled "We Preach Not Ourselves," at mark 25:23ff, Michael Horton brings up an allegorical hermeneutic of scripture that the liberals use. The Lutheran (I think) says that Matthew Henry is a perfect example of one who is allegorical in...