1. S

    Free Church of Scotland Missions in Galilee

    I have heard scattered references to missions of the Free Church of Scotland in Tiberias and perhaps other locations (they seemed to have purchased the properties of the English missionaries in Safed), as well as something at some point relating to the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland being...
  2. J.L. Allen

    Missions Conference

    Folks, Mid-America Reformed Seminary's Center for Missions and Evangelism is hosting a conference in October. Please consider attending and spreading the word around to your churches, friends, and family.
  3. RobertPGH1981

    Sermon by Romesh Prakashpalan at RPTS 10/20/2021

    Hello All, Wanted to post this since it was such a powerful sermon he gave on Luke 14:15-23. It covers church missions and outreach. He is an RPTS graduate and is a Pastor of a church in Texas. Great person to have in your sermon audio archives too.
  4. xzp917@gmail.com

    Planting in Indonesia

    Hey guys, My wife, son, and I are currently raising support to plant an indigenous church in Indonesia and train local pastors. If you would like more information please feel free to message me!
  5. AlexanderPetzinger

    Who amongst us is an evangelist?

    Dear Believer in Christ: When I applied to post here on PuritanBoard earlier this year, I was asked if I held any office in the Reformed Church that I attend here in Yuba City, CA. The choices were: Pastor/Teaching Elder Ruling Elder Deacon Doctor (don't know what this is referring to)...
  6. B.L.

    Church-Led Community Service Projects

    Hello PBers, Over the past several years I've noticed a trend in my community where churches are increasingly involved in community service type projects in my area. Things like leaf-raking, picking up trash, landscaping, job skill programs, sports camps, etc. Typically everyone shows up to the...
  7. G

    Ways to present the Gospel / How did God get your attention?

    What are some of the ways you present the gospel to people. If possible please provide links to anything you use to show or give this presentation. If the gospel is the power of salvation to those who believe, I want to give the best presentation possible. First of all for God's glory and second...
  8. Kerem

    Least Christian Country in the World

    Dear Brothers I am a minister from Antalya, Turkey, which is the least christian country in the world per capita. We are also in a state which 9.5 million people lives and we are the only Reformed Church. I will be visiting United States between october 11th to november 4th and would love to...
  9. J

    International Denominations?

    Hi all, I couldn't find this question posted on any threads, so I'll ask it here. I'm under care in the PCA and am considering a calling as a missionary. So, I'm wondering if anyone has a list of Confessional Presbyterian denominations in Latin America? Thanks for any responses!
  10. he beholds

    Should the church have a savings account?

    Should a church have a savings account? Should it have a large one? How much is enough? How much is too much? Or should all of the tithes after paying the pastor and maintaining the building be sent to missions? If a church collects a lot more than needed for salary and maintenance, is...
  11. K

    Working together

    A discussion over the weekend with dear friends brought this up. At what point do we consider that there is sufficient agreement to work with others outside of our denomination in evangelism? Some seem to believe that we should only work with others from our particular denomination; some...
  12. Mrs. Bailey

    Is the Great Commission only to Apostles?

    (This thought is in line with chaplinintraining's question on evangelism... but a little different, so I bring it up here, so as not to sidetrack that thread.) I've been involved in various evangelistic outreaches and mission trips for much of my adult life (some before our family was in the...
  13. N

    FIVE POINT MISSIONARY: your feedback please

    I'd like to invite you to visit a website page of mine at FivePointMissionary and… * either submit your site, or, * offer me helpful feedback on what might hinder Reformed people from wanting to submit their site. Here are the basics of it (although, the format may be a bit skewed here on...
  14. Tim

    Are para-church organizations Biblical? Should we support them?

    I have been thinking about ministries such as Bible studies or missions being conducted outside the auspices of the local church or presbytery (which is also the church). Shouldn't all ministry fall under the structure of a church (people) that is presented in the Bible? I wonder whether...
  15. Walkthecalling

    Evangelism resources

    Greetings! :detective:I wanted to post something to see if anyone had some feedback. My wife and I were looking for some reference materials on different religious groups. I.E. mormons, jehovah's witnesses, catholics, Arabian & Eastern religions. We want something with both some information on...