1. C. Matthew McMahon

    Have You Ever Thought About How Sin Actually Affects Your Soul?

    The Affects of Sin on the Soul – by John Dod (1549-1645). John Dod (1549-1645) was a learned Reformed minister and puritan, an exquisite Hebrew scholar, and a most pious divine. In an expanded treatise on 2 Samuel 24, Dod explains David’s grievous sin of numbering the people against the direct...
  2. J

    clarifying word of John Owen in Chapter 11 of the Mortification of Sin

    Im currently reading the mortification of sin of john Owen. Ive truly been blessed and edified by this lecture. Since its an old book its language and style takes a little of getting used too, but Ive managed by rereading a few times and I believe Ive been able to extract what this man of God...