1. I

    "Justification by ancestry?"

    Hello Brothers and Sisters, I'm a relatively new believer (26M, about 3-4 years since coming to faith) and joined a local PCA church in late 2022 after the church plant I attended in my senior year of college folded. Since I've been there, I've gotten much deeper into Christian theology, Bible...
  2. CAStratman

    Dallas Theological Seminary for non-pastoral graduate work?

    Hey all. I am prayerfully considering the possibility of pursuing some advanced education in theology, but not in the direction of pastoral ministry. I briefly attended RTS Dallas, but since their curriculum is largely geared toward pastors-in-training, it didn't feel like a good fit. I live...
  3. RobertPGH1981

    PCA vs RP vs OPC Differences

    Hello All, This has probably been asked before but I wasn't able to find details through searches. Can somebody provide a brief overview of the differences between PCA, RP and OPC presbyterian churches?
  4. Greg Hitt

    Military Chaplaincy

    Background: I am 32, have already served thus far 10 years total as an Army Officer (more than 5 years in the reserves), I have a desire to go into ministry and serve my country, and I am getting close to promotion for Major. I attend a church in the PCA. In reflecting on what I've done and...
  5. J.L. Allen

    Decatur, Alabama. Decatur PCA

    Is anyone familiar with Decatur Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Decatur, Alabama? My sister has grown to love the worship typical in the OPC. Will this PCA be similar in the sense of having a traditional worship, or will it be more "contemporary?"
  6. TheBruisedReed

    ARP or PCA?

    Due to military relocation, my wife and I are in the process of searching for a new church. In our area, we have been blessed with a choice between two different reformed congregations. I'll start out by saying that we have visited both (more than once), and we have found them to be faithful to...
  7. fredtgreco

    Christ EPC in Houston votes to leave EPC

    This past Sunday, Christ EPC in Houston, TX, pastored by my friend, Richard Harris, voted 311-11 to leave the EPC and join with the PCA. The meeting was marked by unity and a spirit of grace. I especially appreciated the EPC Presbytery representatives, who were gracious in their remarks and made...
  8. C

    Can a Baptist attend/be a member of a PCA church?

    I am a reformed baptist. I believe in credobaptism. I want to know if and why a credobaptist can attend a PCA church that believes in paedobaptism. I don't mean if a PCA church would allow me to be a member. But more so are my convictions concerning baptism a reason to not consider checking out...
  9. R

    Union with Christ - PCA 43rd GA

    Having just returned from the most recent PCA GA, my preacher highly recommended a sermon given last week entitled "Union with Christ." I've tried to find it online but have been unsuccessful thus far. Does anyone have a link to this?
  10. R

    SIAP, Overtures 2 and 9 were not received by the PCA GA recreation/Sabbath

    I'm told it they were rejected with overwhelming support. Does anyone have any other insight to this? Edit: SIAP = "Sorry If Already Posted"
  11. zsmcd

    Young guy, PCA background, baptist church?

    I’m a young guy (23), newly married (three months), and expecting our first child October 30th. I just recently moved and have had trouble settling down into a church. Surprisingly, the problem isn’t that there aren’t any good churches. There are actually an abundance of good churches which...
  12. K

    I'm New to Presbyterianism

    Hello Puritan Board Folks, I'm a former 1689 Baptist who has recently converted to Presbyterianism. In light of this, I am trying to "catch up" on some things. Specifically, can somebody help me understand the differences between the OPC and the PCA? Also, I am searching for a seminary to...
  13. rrfranks

    Baptizing the child of a non-member

    I have a scenario on which I would like to get your wisdom. I am a PCA pastor and have been contacted by someone I know who is a believer and lives two to three hours away. His wife recently gave birth to their first child and he would like to have his daughter baptized as he is convinced by...
  14. Jash Comstock

    What are the main differences between the OPC, PCA, and EPC.

    I am wondering what are the main differences between the three main orthodox presbyterian denominations. Could someone please elaborate on these differences?
  15. P

    Denominational Renewal ? Lots of questions

    In laymen terms what is denomination renewal? What are they trying to change? Does it mean that folks think something is wrong with the PCA? Does it mean that something expired? Is denomination renewal the same as covenant renewal I tried to read about it and understand it, butI kept...
  16. Parker234

    Framework View and Ordination

    I am currently a PCA member, and let me say right up front, I am not necessarily persuaded of the Framework view of Genesis 1-2. That being said, I have been giving it some thought lately and spoken with some friends about the subject. I was cautioned about considering the Framework view...
  17. sastark

    Six Observations on the PCA's Voting on BCO Amendments

    As many of you know, I have been creating maps for The Aquila Report, showing how each of the PCA Presbyteries have voted on the (now failed) proposed amendments to the PCA BCO. I have also been keeping track of the vote tallies from each Presbytery, and now that a significant number of...

    New Yahoo Group for PCA Conservatives

    Dear Brothers, I have created a new Yahoo Group for Conservative Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) Teaching and Ruling Elders concerned about the leftward drift in the denomination. The group is designed for discussing whether we should remain in the denomination, leave for another...
  19. raekwon

    PCA Strategic Plan: Alternate credentialing paths

    Ladies & gents, Just a heads-up -- some friends and I have started a collaborative blog (oh no, not another blog) about life & ministry in the PCA called Vintage73. Anyway, we're discussing pros and cons of some of the points of the proposed Strategic Plan -- the latest being alternative...
  20. C

    Why did Gordon Clark refuse to join the PCA?

    Does anyone know why Gordon Clark did not join with the PCA when it was formed? What "doctrinal grounds" was Robbins referring to? An excerpt from The Trinity Review, "An Introduction to Gordon H. Clark", July-August, 1993: Clark entered the United Presbyterian Church -- not the large...
  21. T

    Why does the PCA read lots of psalms and only sing hymns?

    Maybe it's just my limited experience visiting/attending 4 different PCAs, but why do PCA churches seem to never sing psalms but use tons of them for responsive readings and other components of the liturgy. Is there any logical reason for this or is it a "we do it because that's how we do it"...