pilgrim's progress

  1. D

    The Roar of the Lions

    I was wondering if someone with graphic arts skills can do something with the following words. Christians can always hear The roar of the lions Yet they live with grace and well-being. What is potential Never conquers What is certain The eternal love of the Christ the Lord. Blessings to...
  2. C. Matthew McMahon

    John Bunyan Introduces the Biographies Section of A Puritan's Mind

  3. biblesword

    Pilgrim's Progress Rock Opera

    Has anyone listened to this? Any thoughts? It's a two-part album based on Pilgrim's Progress. I have been enjoying it thoroughly though I'm surprised I haven't seen it mentioned very much. It's not on Spotify last I checked so you essentially have to buy it from Neal Morse's site...
  4. BottleOfTears

    A New Pilgrim's Progress Podcast

    I have just discovered Pilgrim's Podcast, a recently started podcast going through Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan. It seems quite fun and features three good Northern Irish lads. You can find it on any podcast app, but here are the iTunes links. US UK Hope you guys enjoy it, seems like...
  5. Travis Fentiman

    Resources Available: Godly Children's Books

    Short on money for buying godly children's books? Here is a collection of godly stories and books for children and youth, which I hope will be a blessing to you and your kids, especially if you don’t have a lot of money. Many of the older children’s books that are sold by Christian publishers...
  6. Backwoods Presbyterian

    Pilgrims Progress Lecture by Derek Thomas

    All, I went to a Lecture this morning at RPTS (3-hours in length) led by Dr. Derek Thomas of RTS-Jackson on Pilgrim's Progress, and John Bunyan in general. It was unbelievable. Dr. Thomas is a Godly man who really shook some foundations with his great words about the reality of the need for...