1. N

    Books Worth Revisiting Over and Over

    I've been trying to put together a list of books (outside of Scripture) that I want to ensure I return to multiple times throughout life, so as to really absorb their ideas. Reading broadly is great; but it seems to me that reading a few really good books repeatedly, so as to fully absorb their...
  2. U

    Re-reading Biography?

    Hello all, I was pondering the other day, whether there be much benefit in re-reading biography. I have never read a particular biography more than once myself. Have any of you? Do you have an argument for the benefit of re-reading good biography? I have known of the general benefit of...
  3. C. Matthew McMahon

    NEW PURITAN COMPILATION: A Biblical Guide to Hearing and Studying the Word

    A Biblical Guide to Hearing and Studying the Word by Nathaniel Ranew (1602-1678), John Philips (1585-1663), Henry Smith (1560-1601), Richard Greenham (1531-1594), William Ames (1576-1633), Thomas Senior (n.d.), David Clarkson (1622-1686), Daniel Burgess (1645-1713), Thomas Manton (1620-1677) and...
  4. joep

    Books for Non-Readers?

    Hey everyone! I wonder if anyone had any recommendations for non-readers? What book(s) would you recommend for someone who hasn't really grown up reading and for whom reading through a book is a tough ask? Something to dip one's toes in without getting frustrated and discouraged. I've met...
  5. Taylor

    Tips for Reading in General

    I have begun reading Mortimer Adler's and Charles Van Doren's How to Read a Book. I am only about 12% in, and I have already found it so useful. They have given some very practical tips to help avoid things like fatigue, a wandering mind, and "fixation" while reading. One example was to use a...
  6. Nathan A. Hughes

    Why Are Books Important?

    Books date back many hundreds of years. It is estimated that there have been over 130 million books published. In 2011, 180,000 books were published in the United Kingdom alone. In recent years readers have favoured the e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle over the traditional paperback. In this...
  7. Von

    Reading more than one book at a time.

    How many of you are reading more than one book at a time? Or if you have done it in the past - does it work for you? Can you keep track of the line of thought in both? Any advice?
  8. brendanchatt

    Can we recite Psalms responsively?

    I think this could go in church order or worship, lmk. This thread was spawned from this post and discussion following between myself, Edward, and Chris (The Old Course). ----- I don't...
  9. JesusSavesJohn629

    What to read first on "The Will"... Luther or Edwards?

    This morning I went to my bookshelf and picked up "Freedom of the Will" by Jonathan Edwards. I got to thinking, however, would it be beneficial to work through Martin Luther's "Bondage of the Will" first? Let me say first that I am a convinced monergist. I am not looking to be convinced of one...
  10. M

    Gospel chronology/harmony reading plan

    I want to begin reading the Gospels in chronological order of when the events actually took place. I found a "parallel harmony" in Wikipedia based on "Edward Robinson's A Harmony of the Gospels in Greek as well as Steven L. Cox and Kendell H Easley's Harmony of the Gospels"...
  11. 2ndViolinist

    Reformed Reading Recommendations for Youth

    Hello everyone, Here is my situation: My parents are Roman Catholic. Even though I am an adult, I still live at home. When my parents attend mass, I attend a Reformed church. I have a younger sister who goes with them, but I have been trying to witness to her for a while and really, see to it...
  12. C

    Stories/Books for Young Kids

    I would like to start reading short books/stories to my kids that do not have pictures (or limited pictures). In a media saturated, consumer culture, I'd like to help my kids learn to be creative (in the literal sense of the word), processing and imagining things in their mind instead of merely...
  13. LeeJUk

    Attitude when reading Bible

    Hey well I feel like I'm starting to read the bible like it's a textbook and I don't really have the Spirit illuminate the scriptures much like it used to be. So I have a few questions. I feel like I'm learning a lot about God instead of knowing him personally and it's been destroying my...
  14. A

    Essential Reading in the Scottish Presbyterian tradition

    What is essential Reading in the Scottish Presbyterian tradition? :think: