1. Jeri Tanner

    Sanctification and the promises of God

    I thought of the recent thread on the law and the promises of God as I listened to this sermon yesterday on a lovely drive through the Alabama countryside. It was so helpful and I pray it’s a blessing and helpful to many of you as well.
  2. C. Matthew McMahon

    NEW BOOK: Putting on Christ by Thomas Hooker (1586-1647)

    Putting on Christ by Thomas Hooker (1586-1647) Thomas Hooker (1586-1647) was an English separatist Pilgrim who was a popular New England Reformed preacher and minister of the Gospel. William Ames spoke of...
  3. C. Matthew McMahon

    NEW BOOK: Josiah Shute (1588-1643) - Ezra's Covenant Renewal and the Pursuit of a Lasting Reformation

    15% OFF all our Printed Books here using code FALL15 at checkout. Ezra’s Covenant Renewal and the Pursuit of a Lasting Reformation by Josiah Shute (1588-1643) Josiah Shute (1588-1643) was known for his eloquent preaching, profound scholarship, and unswerving commitment to Christian doctrine...
  4. C. Matthew McMahon

    Christ Commanding His Coronavirus to Covenant Breakers – McMahon

    Christ Commanding His Coronavirus to Covenant Breakers by C. Matthew McMahon (281 pages) This work expounds on key Scriptural passages, and outlines, from a biblical point of view, why Christ has sent his coronavirus to covenant breakers in his church. God deals very harshly yet tenderly with...
  5. Jonathan95

    Is it foolish to not be ambitious?

    Being a young man as I am, I sometimes fall easily into the trap of comparing myself to those around me. 25 years of age, no college degree, no big career track to follow, no spouse, etc. The predominate culture, I believe, would tell me to do all that I could to be successful and move out ASAP...
  6. Travis Fentiman

    Are good works necessary to salvation?

    While maintaining justification by faith alone, the Reformed have historically answered this question: Yes. Many historic reformed resources are linked on the below webpage on this issue, including many in Latin from Reformed Orthodoxy with numerous quotes from those works translated. The...
  7. C

    Recommendations for becoming a better shepherd?

    What resources do you recommend for becoming a better shepherd? e.g., When my wife is discouraged about something and needs to be led toward Christ? Or when a child is in the midst of an angry tirade and needs to be directed toward repentance? Surely, this must start with my own personal...
  8. N

    Obedience and Experiencing Fellowship with the Father

    I've read through several threads related to obedience and experiencing God's favor, and all have been helpful. I have a specific question related to the topic that hasn't been directly addressed (that I can find). If one is working with the following specific definition of Fellowship with the...
  9. C. Matthew McMahon

    Have You Ever Thought About How Sin Actually Affects Your Soul?

    The Affects of Sin on the Soul – by John Dod (1549-1645). John Dod (1549-1645) was a learned Reformed minister and puritan, an exquisite Hebrew scholar, and a most pious divine. In an expanded treatise on 2 Samuel 24, Dod explains David’s grievous sin of numbering the people against the direct...
  10. M

    Audio sermons on consecration and Christian life

    Hello, I'm looking for an audio sermon (or a series of it) on Leviticus 20:7 "‘You shall consecrate yourselves therefore and be holy, for I am the LORD your God", or basically about consecration and the Christian life. Any links on this topic would be helpful. Thanks!
  11. The Sola System

    Timothy Kauffman's Recent Critique of Brown, Tchividjian & Keller

    Today I received the latest issue of the Trinity Review in my parsonage mailbox, featuring the first half of an article by Timothy Kauffman (PCA), entitled: "Sanctification, Half Full: The Myopic Hermeneutic of the Grace Movement." The author focuses chiefly on the views of PCA Pastors Steve...
  12. Pilgrim

    Terry Johnson on "The Grace Boys"

    Given the threads we've had here this year on this topic, I'm surprised I haven't seen this article by PCA Teaching Elder Terry Johnson linked here. I recently saw it linked on Twitter and searched here but didn't find anything. The Grace Boys Here he lays out the problem (click the link...
  13. B

    Dallas Willard and His Theology

    Hey Gang, I'm working my way through Dallas Willard's Renovation of the Heart for the third time. I've also read The Divine Conspiracy, and don't remember too much there to object to, but that's been five years ago. I wonder if anyone else has any thoughts about this book and about...