1. N

    Books Worth Revisiting Over and Over

    I've been trying to put together a list of books (outside of Scripture) that I want to ensure I return to multiple times throughout life, so as to really absorb their ideas. Reading broadly is great; but it seems to me that reading a few really good books repeatedly, so as to fully absorb their...
  2. Taylor

    Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology (2nd ed.): Initial Thoughts

    (I posted this in "General Discussions" because it is not a full book review, nor is it a theological discussion or question.) Dr. Wayne Grudem's second edition of his famous and widely-acclaimed Systematic Theology was released December 8, 2020. I pre-ordered the volume in Logos, looking...
  3. TheBruisedReed

    Introductory Survey of the Old Testament

    Grace and Peace, PB! My wife and I were chatting on the phone tonight (I am currently deployed overseas) and she informed me that my mother-in-law is searching for some resources to help her get a better "cohesive" picture of the Old Testament. She is no stranger to God's word, but I do not...
  4. C. Matthew McMahon

    Christian Truths Necessary for Salvation by Nicholas Byfield (1579–1622)

    What is necessary truth in relationship to the Gospel? Byfield explains what central truths surround the Gospel in an easy to understand format. Great for family worship! Christian Truths Necessary for Salvation by Nicholas Byfield (1579–1622) (250 pages) Nicholas Byfield (1579–1622) was a...
  5. M

    Do You Need Seminary To Teach Theology?

    At first glance, this question may come across as a no brainier, but I think its still worth asking. Do you need to have undertaken 5 to 7+ years of theological higher education to begin a career as a lecturer at seminary/university? With the rising costs of theological education, and with there...
  6. R.G. Sassard

    Theological Institutions

    Does anybody know of good universities/institutions to study theology abroad, in places like Europe? Places where they believe in the authority of the Scriptures where you can get a solid Christian education? Thanks in advance!
  7. Romans678

    TNARS and its Affiliate Status

    Good evening everyone. I've been doing research about different seminaries and their benefits. The North American Reformed Seminary has come up in multiple discussions, with relatively good opinions all around. My question is about their Affiliate status. Why are they affiliated with ARTS but...
  8. J.L. Allen

    Opinions on These Books

    Trash? Not trash?
  9. Ask Mr. Religion

    CenterPoint Theology Class Notes 2019-02-27

    Zipped archive contains over ninety systematic theology class notes (PDF) from classes given at First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC over a period of two years.
  10. J.L. Allen

    Podcast Recommendations?

    What podcasts do y'all recommend? I'm mostly looking for things in the realm of theology, cultural commentary, philosophy, apologetics, etc. If you have one outside of this wheelhouse, I'm good to hear that, too.
  11. RobertPGH1981

    Moral Question: Vaccine Ingredient WI-38 & WALVAX-2 -- Aborted Fetal Tissue

    This question has nothing to do with being for or against vaccines from a health standpoint. This is an exercise in applying Theology to modern issues. In other words its a moral question. Here it goes.... I researched ingredients to common vaccines like the Measles. An ingredient called WI-38...
  12. C. Matthew McMahon

    5 Marks of a Biblical Disciple - Book 2 in the Series

    5 Marks of a Biblical Disciple by C. Matthew McMahon A biblical disciple is not merely aware of the teachings of Jesus Christ, or God’s prescription for being a follower of his word. It is one who holds certain distinguishable marks who has been supernaturally changed by God’s grace, and...
  13. Travis Fentiman

    Resources Available on Prolegomena

    What is theology? Can we meaningfully speak of God? What method ought one to go about in learning or setting forth all of theology? How do faith and reason relate? These are the sorts of questions that Prolegomena (before-speaking) asks and answers. On every front modern theology (and much of...
  14. Regi Addictissimus

    Calvin's Institutes: 1541 edition vs the final edition.

    Good day. I know there have been a few older threads about the different translations of the Institutes. Now that the 1541 edition has been out for sometime, I am wondering if anyone has read this one along with his final edition and compared them. I presently only own the 1541 edition published...
  15. Regi Addictissimus

    Help me decide what to read on my mountain vacation.

    Good day, brethren. My wife and I are going on our annual San Juan Mountains camping trip. I will have nine days to submerse my self in beautiful scenery and books away from work and the demands of life. We go camping a good bit and it drives my wife crazy how long it takes me to pick books for...
  16. Regi Addictissimus

    When studying theological works, do you mark up books or

    Brethren, good day. I am curious to hear your methods of approaching studying. When reading theological works, do you take notes and then review them? Do you underline, mark, or highlight passages as you read through it, and then review them? I am personally a note taker. I take a plethora of...
  17. TylerRay

    Textbooks at Union Seminary, 1865

    The following is a letter from R. L. Dabney to a seminary student. The context is that the War is over, the South is reduced to poverty, and Dabney is telling him what textbooks to try to borrow from pastors in his presbytery.
  18. BlackCalvinist

    Calvinism From Non-reformed To Reformed: Opening Perspectives

    New article series I'm running on my site at This is the first installment. I’ve literally been working on this article for about seventeen years. That’s roughly the amount of time I’ve been reformed. Back then, attending a solid-ish independent baptist church and directing...
  19. Mathias321

    What Reformed Flavor am I?

    I know there are different kinds of reformed, though we all agree on the core reformed (confessional) standards. I wanted to know for a long time, what kind (or flavor) of reformed am I based on my beliefs? Or, what group of people who were considered reformed would my views best fit into...
  20. S

    John Murray's lectures on Theology Proper

    Hi, My first post I think so please excuse me if I get something wrong. I was re-reading Frame's article about systematics and apologetics at Westminster last night (here: Systematic Theology and Apologetics at Westminster - Reformed ... [Word doc]), and again I found Frame's references to 90...
  21. Shane2336

    For my Baptist brethren

    1) The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology by Pascal Denault 2) A Reformed Baptist Manifesto by Samuel E. Waldron 3) 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith (Pocket sized, faux leather) First come first serve! We'll work out the details via PM.
  22. G

    Help a conflicted pastor

    I think I understand and agree with reformed teaching concerning oppression, Satan, and his activity. It all makes sense when reading a book or article by a reformed author. Job's boils and the Church in Smyrna seem to answer EVERY question. I honestly hope they do answer all - but after all...
  23. Christian Teegardin

    My Personal Thoughts On the TULIP (Completely Calvinist, Don't Worry)

    I hope my 'mini-message' will be a blessing to the seasoned Reformed believers. There will be some speculation, but I hope I don't pander too far into the mysteries of things. I tend to think very deeply about things, like theology. CORRECT ME IF I MESS UP ON ANY THEOLOGICAL POINTS. I AM NOT A...
  24. John P

    What Happened to the Church the Moment the Apostles Died?

    So, I was reading Ignatius today so that I can say (over time, of course) that I have read the works of the Church Fathers (I know that Ignatius isn't the only Church Father, but I'm starting with the Apostolic Fathers and moving forward), and I was shocked at what Ignatius, who was supposedly...
  25. M

    What is "Theology"?

    Over the years, I have read many books and chapters on Theology, but I cannot recall ever coming across a precise and satisfactory one/two line definition of what "Theology" is. I know what Theology is, but defining it is a tricky task. So I put the question before you friends, What is the best...
  26. M

    Is Studying Philosophy Economically Useless?

    G'day Mates. I am 17 years-old and I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts Program at a secular university. The program allows students to major in two subjects. I am currently majoring in Philosophy and have yet to confirm my second major (although, I must say, Classical Languages...
  27. Stope

    Revisted: Is belief in the Trinity... necesary for salvation

    Part of the reason I joined the PB was to seek a sound response to the question "Is belief in the Trinity-specifically the 3 persons of God-neccesary for salvation?". I searched and found a similar thread already that existed and I didnt ever end up seeing a response (I just ended up seeing...
  28. J

    Reformed & Wesleyan

    I received a full scholarship to study at Asbury Theological Seminary. So far, the readings have been pretty diverse, including some Reformed authors. As you see it, what are the similarities between the Reformed and Wesleyan perspectives? (I know there are many differences, but I'd be...
  29. M

    Reformed study program in Europe

    Dear PB members, I am from Prague, Czech Republic and I am hoping to study at some theological school/Bible college with reformed views and get a better understanding of various theological issues, God's Word and also get equipped for doing ministry work in my home country. I was wondering if...
  30. Timobe

    Wisdom of Solomon/book of wisdom - Theology of the book

    Hello everyone ! What are the doctrinal points that are deficient/antibiblical in wisdom of Solomon, the apocrypha coming from the LXX ? I would really appreciate a clear and full view of the thing by someone who already read it in order to be able to read it aware of his issues. Be...