1. Logan

    Trying to understand Theonomy and its critiques

    Edit: I meant to note in the title that this is specifically about Bahnsen's writing on theonomy, no one else. Since the Bahnsen Project liberated Bahnsen's recorded material from CMF, I've been listening to a good bit and got into one of Bahnsen's series on ethics. Now background: I would...
  2. B.L.

    Paedo-Baptism Answers Do You Believe it Sin to Neglect Baptism of Infants?

    Greetings friends, I was curious whether my Presbyterian brothers and sisters affirm the section in Chapter 28 of the WCF about it being a "great sin" to contemn or neglect Baptism, specifically in scenarios where parents refuse to have their infants baptized? Do you think the language here is...
  3. xzp917@gmail.com

    Christian Liberty

    Comparing WCF 20.2, Savoy 21.2, & LBCF 1689 21.2 I have noticed a difference between WCF and the other two, namely the phrase “beside it in matters of faith on worship“ rather than “not contained in it.” Does anyone know the significance of this change?