Alexander Nowell on the seventh commandment

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Ma. What is the seventh Commandment?

Sch. Thou shalt not commit adultery.

. What dost thou think to be contained therein?

Sch. By this commandment is forbidden all kind of filthy lusts, all unchasteness of speech, all wantonness of countenance, and gesture, and all outward show of unchastity, whatsoever it be. Idleness likewise, excess of meat, drink, apparel, wanton plays, and pastimes and whatsoever else may occasion any uncleanness, either of body or mind, are forbidden by this commandment. For by this commandment, we are charged to keep our minds also clean from unchaste thoughts and desires, because as well our souls as our bodies, are the temples of the holy Ghost. ...

For the reference, see Alexander Nowell on the seventh commandment.


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Thank for you posting this. I had never heard of this man and had to look him up.
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