AlterBridge's album, "One Day Remains".

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Anton Bruckner

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AlterBridge\'s album, \"One Day Remains\".

How many of you guys have this, or heard any of the songs? Its a pretty good album, in my opinion; great song writing, good singing. The only thing its lacking is the fire power that Scott Stapp would have brought, but Myles Kennedy has more range than Scott though.

ps. AlterBridge is the band formerly known as Creed.

Well all of the songs usually touch on issues of faith in a very subtle manner, as the songs of its predecessor Creed once did. Some of these songs are Watch your Words, taken directly from the quote of Jesus, which says, your own words will condemn you.
Find the Real, a good summary of the Book of Ecclesiastes, in the searching for life's meaning and true purpose.

I would give the album an A-.

ps. it also has some bad mamajama guitar passages by Tremonti :banana:

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