Amandus Polanus on understanding anthropomorphisms

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The compared attributes of God are those titles which do belong properly to creatures, but are by a metaphor or similitude attributed to God. For the Scripture oftentimes doth speak of God, according to man’s capacity.

Of them some are taken from man, some from other creatures. Those which are taken from man, are said to be attributed to God, by a human passion. A human passion is a metaphor, whereby those things which pertain to man, are by a similitude attributed to God.

Of this sort are these, the parts, members, senses, affections, and adjoints of man.

The soul which is a part of man, is attributed to God Jere. 5.29. and 9.9. Amos. 6.8.

Where by the soul is meat, the life of God, that is to say, the very essence of God it self.

And by the members of the body, by the senses, affections & adjoints, which are attributed to God, a power is meant to be in God, performing for us certain actions by an incomprehensible manner, whereof the works which men perform by the means of their members, senses, affections and adjoints be as it were a certain resemblance. ...

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