Baucham: Our concept of race is not biblical, its artificial.


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Well how do you react to the fact that more unarmed white men are killed each year by police than black despite the fact that black men have a disproportionately high rate of interaction with police (because they commit 50% of violent crime and 90% of interracial crime)? How do you feel when you see video after video of white adults and children being attacked by black people, usually in a pack? Because that happens all the time it just never gets reported in the media. I've yet to see a video where a pack of white men beat up a black person. Do you go out and protest? Do you demand that police are defunded? That blackness is defunded? Do you loot and riot? Do you tear down statues?

We certainly shouldn't be dismissive of what's happening. We should oppose it. It is a revolution.
I was talking about the history of slavery in America.


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That assumes there's no correlation between race and culture. I'm not sure on what one could base such an assumption.
Take 1 million Ugandans and 1 million Swiss and switch their places, and check back after a decade and see how their locales change.