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Looking for any resources, books, videos or articles that would help with understanding covenant theology, resources on baptist covenant theology would be helpful too.

Stephen L Smith

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In my opinion one of the best ways to grasp a solid covenant theology is to focus firstly on two key resources:
1. Covenant Theology made easy by Dr M McMahon. McMahon simplifies one of the finest works on covenant theology "The economy of the covenants between God and man" by Herman Witsius. McMahons study of this work is very helpful and will give you a solid grounding in the subject.

2. Ruin and Redemption produced by an esteemed Puritan Board member. You can also do the course free online

Those two books I listed are printed by the same publisher LULU publishers. You can purchase them together and minimise postage costs. I would say that for those of us "down under" it is better to select a fast/priority post option because postal services to this part of the world have been greatly delayed in this COVID era.

After you have read those two key books, you could look at the Baptist site 1689 Federalism But I do think the above two works are better.


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Ben Zartman

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For a Baptist perspective that's NOT federalist, look for Greg Nichols' books: he has an older one on covenants (don't remember the title), and is publishing a multi-volume systematic series.
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