Bibliography website/app/plugin?

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Staff member has a feature where you can search for a book and add it to a bibliography. In theory, it should work with minimal typing and just a click or two. In practice, I'm often having to put in the place and year of publication, or make corrections, and it doesn't seem to understand edited volumes or translations.

Are there better tools out there that save the drudgery of manually typing bibliographic information?
For a few of these you might have to pay after a certain amount. I forgot what my school's English department uses (which is probably a hugely expensive subscription) but here is a few I have used in the past:
Bibme (it autocorrected to Bible funnily enough).
And Easy Bib.
I use JabRef for maintaining my database of bibliographies for LaTeX documents, but you do have to manually input all the information the first time (then reference it with a key you create like "bunyan:chief" thereafter). Supposedly JabRef can integrate with Word and OpenOffice but I haven't tried that.

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