De Moor on Creation


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Get in on the ground-floor of De Moor's study of the Biblical Doctrine of Creation!

And, first, who is De Moor?

Get in on the ground floor of De Moor's study of the Doctrine of Creation!

Here, De Moor introduces his System as a whole...

As we get ready for De Moor's study of the Doctrine of Creation...

Let us look at his System as a whole, and how Creation fits into it!

De Moor's treatment of the Doctrine of Creation is deep and detailed; it is certainly not a light read.

So, how do we go about tackling a volume like this? And, is it worth it?

Here, we learn a little about De Moor himself, from his own pen!

Since the rise of Materialistic-Naturalism, the historic Christian Doctrine of Creation has been under assault!

De Moor gives us an outline of his study of this fundamental doctrine...

A major transition point in the system of theology...

De Moor moves from the internal works of God to the external (Creation and Providence)...