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April 11, 2024

I don't want to post too much, so just one per day at the most, and so each post might have more than one video in it, hope that's ok.

Here's a 1974 short documentary on Presbyterianism, I love the vintage feel, and all the actual footage, and how informational it is, a combination of ardor and order. I would like this thread to be where i can share what i find on Youtube, or any other video sites that are a good blend of educational and entertainment. This i believe completes perhaps the scope of all my solitary activities 1) Kindle and reading in general 2) Edifying lectures, sermons etc and 3) these kinds of things which would also include for example all sorts of vintage documentaries, a couple weeks ago i mentioned here about some Plymouth Brethren docs, that would of course apply. Topically of utmost interest is anything concerning Christianity, and more specifically anything concerned with Reformed history, like in this documentary. This also can help me internalize what is learnt by sharing and encapsulating what was watched. If anyone would like to share a video they think i can benefit from, or comment on anything i say and share, it will all be helpful to my overall journey, thank you!!

I followed that up with this, which explores the intricacies involved between Presbyterianism and Congregationalism.

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