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My wife and I homeschool our three kids (she gets credit for most of the work). While we are not new to reformed theology we are new to taking it seriously. My oldest son is in highschool and we want to provide him a better grounding than either of us got. As a family we are studying our way through the WCF and WLC. For a Bible course we are thinking of giving him a mix of theology and apologetics.

Poking around here and based on what we've looked at we are leaning toward using Sproul's "Truths we confess" to build on our study of the confessions. For apologetics we are thinking of combining Strobel for evidential with Pratt's "Every Thought Captive" for presuppositional (referencing this thread).


Jack K

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For theology, look at Berkhof's Manual of Christian Doctrine. A well-schooled high schooler should be able to handle the Manual, even though it was originally written for more advanced students. It is concise, precise, and clear, and it makes an excellent reference work for the rest of one's life.


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Sproul's Everyone's a Theologian, as well as Ferguson's The Christian Life are both excellent starters in theology as well as Berkhof.

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In my opinion, A.A. Hodge's commentary on the confession is the best around. Pdfs are available at monergism too I believe.


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