How Do You Drink Your Coffee?

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Jack K

Puritan Board Professor
If it's exceptionally good coffee, I will drink it black. For ordinary coffee, plenty of cream and just a bit of sugar.

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Bosch T discs give a more consistent coffee than the Nespresso. Nespresso seems to an for an espresso but you have to stand over the machine and switch it off. The bosch machine reads a barcode and does it all for you.

I drill, empty, refill and plug my T discs so I cant be accused of contributing to landfill. It also allows me to choose my ground coffee of choice. Generally speaking I choose a Columbian coffee to refill the pods. I heat the milk before putting the cup under the machine and end up with a cappuccino style coffee.

There is also a water dispenser disc that allows my wife to use the tassimo as a kettle. Unlike the model my mother-in-law uses the water dispenser disc rotates to give 150ml - 450ml hot water. If you forget to switch it off it stops at the specified volume.
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