Imprecatory Prayer...when?

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Thanks for the link. Dr. Strange's thoughts would fit more with my application I believe, I just never thought about it that way. Do you agree with his perspective?

"No part of the Bible is inappropriate for us as Christians as the whole Bible is the Word of God. However, everything in the OT, which pointed forward to our time, is now understood and interpreted in fulfillment. So when we as Christians pray the prayers of imprecation we do not pray for the destruction of the church's national enemies for, as noted above, we have none. We certainly have enemies of the cross and of our Lord, but they are not political enemies, because the church has no national and political identity.

When we pray imprecatory prayers with respect to the enemies of the cross, we pray that, as happened with us, they are destroyed as enemies and reconstituted as friends. In other words, to pray imprecatorily for the world is to pray that the world would be converted, ceasing its hostilities against the truth, repent, and become children of God, as we have become. As to ourselves, the imprecatory psalms serve as a prayer for our sanctification as we pray for the destruction of the devil and the flesh."
Generally yes, though I might qualify with more details in some areas. Remember Jesus is the Lord of the Psalms, we as his children have every right to sing them aloud verse by verse. But as noted we have fuller illumination of the Psalms in the NT.

HOWEVER...........The reason we still need balance is because we also have examples in the NT from Paul himself expressing curses in 1 Corinthians 16:22 & Galatians 1:8 and even from Jesus for those who cause little ones to stumble.

I think @Jeri Tanner stated it best up thread in Post #23.
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