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I bought quite a few books on Kindle. Somehow my tablet got restarted or rebooted. I'd like to re-download the books that I bought, but can't figure out how to do that. I accessed my Kindle account, but clicking on the various options doesn't seem to bring anything up that enables redownloading. Can someone help me? Or has Amazon now made this impossible to do?
You should be able to go under manage content and devices and be able to redeliver. Sometimes it takes a little for it to do so.
On my current kindle sometimes I see it loading and nothing happens so I press the x next to it and redownload it and it works fine.
If you search for the book like you are looking for a new purchase, instead of the purchase button, it should have a download button so you can re-download the previouslly purchased item that way.
They are still in your library. You can redownload them from your library tab. Go to your Library tab on the bottom and you should see an All button and a downloaded button above the books listed. Hit the All button and you should be able to see all of your books you can download whether they are free or purchased. You just need to be signed into the right account.
From your All button you should be able to download all of your books.
Did you buy the books from Amazon? Or did you download them from a different site (like Monergism) and upload them to your kindle from your computer?
I bought them from Amazon mostly, got some from Gutenberg. Your suggestions will help. Right now we are without electricity and without internet at home, so anything that needs doing needs a trip to the hospital. With the new month, it should be possible to accomplish this. Thanks to you all.
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