Love for Christ and Law Keeping

Discussion in 'The Law of God' started by Peters, Jul 22, 2005.

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  1. Peters

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    Brother, I didn´t change the wording. That is how it is translated in the NKJV and the KJV. The NASB and ESV translations include "œyou will". In any case, it doesn´t make any difference to what the question is about. In either translation, love is present in the soul before law-keeping overflows from it. I wanted to discuss how one nurtures that love apart from law-keeping since law-keeping is the result of it not the cause of it.

    Absolutely. However, I think this answers the question: How does one *get* love for Christ? I was thinking more about how one *nurtures* this love apart from law-keeping once it has been granted. But, yes, we come to love Christ by the grace of God alone. Amen.

    This in interesting to me, I´m not sure if I agree that faith is not a work (it is certainly a gift though). I´m going to start a thread about this in the Theological Forum. I hope you post in it, brother.

  2. Peters

    Peters Puritan Board Freshman


    Please don´t misunderstand me; I´m not saying that the commandments of God are burdensome (unless of course you are seeking to be justified by them). I´m saying that they will be burdensome if they do not come from a love for Christ that is present in the soul *before hand*. This is how we got onto sanctification by faith.
  3. Peters

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    Brother, this has been something that has helped me greatly too. I am so prone to get caught up in the externals of law-keeping at the expense of love and devotion from the inner-man. I don´t want to simply tick off acts of obedience and call that sanctification. This is such an obvious error to point out, but I see people (myself included) falling to it all the time, and before you know it the affections are as dry as a bone, which in turn opens up the door to a host of temptations. I am grateful for your participation here, John.
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    ... is by Grace alone, He just wants us to love one another. All the requirements of the law are met In Christ and our lives are HIDDEN in Him.

    Praise His name.
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