Mere Discipleship (McGrath)

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McGrath, Alister. Mere Discipleship.

The premise of the book is quite promising: how can we develop specifically Christian habits of mind that cultivate hope and confidence? McGrath doesn’t actually tell us in the first few chapters. We have some good quotes from Wittgenstein on how religion “encourages us to be passionately committed to a set of coordinates.” Very true. But what would a specifically Christian habit of mind look like?

His chapter on bookstores is good and he explains why physical copies of books will always have a place.

Examples of the Christian Mind:

Dorothy Sayers, Charles Peirce, and Abductive Reasoning. The mind seeks unity and patterns. Per Peirce (and later Polanyi), it will follow the evidence and make a proleptic leap to the conclusion.

The chapter on CS Lewis was okay. It’s hard to write anything new about Lewis these days.
Not open for further replies.