My Tomato Plants are Dying


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I have been growing tomato plants for the last year 5 years and while they don't always do great usually I wind up with a number of tomatoes at the end of the summer.
But this year is different. This year I have had something attack my plants and it doesn't seem to matter if the plants are hybrid or heirloom, in a container or in the ground. When I wake up in the morning I almost always find one of my plants has been attacked, the stem seems to have been sheared off. I am beside myself. I heard that marigolds deter predators so I bought marigolds but that did not work. I heard that cayenne pepper deters predators but that has not worked either. I don't know what to do anymore. I have a wooden fence around my garden but that has not stopped squirrels or a raccoon. in the past. I have not seen anything destroying my plants and I am at my wits end.



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Probably cottontail rabbits. They can get through very small openings.. They've "sheared off" our tomato plants in the past. Find any telltale little balls nearby?


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I had a problem with a squirrel or possum so I recently added cinnamon to the top soil and noticed my plants have not been touched since. I can't recommend it, I'm new to growing anything really, but the cinnamon has worked so far.
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I know down here in Georgia we have to be careful about cutworms. One of our tomato plants was almost cut in half a day or two after we planted it. Fortunately, the worm didn't cut all the way through, so the plant recovered.