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  1. he beholds

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    Honestly, it's like you aren't even speaking English here ;)
  2. Semper Fidelis

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    Each activity in a Service Management process (or
    each component used to provide a service) is
    monitored as part of the Service Operation processes.
    The operational team or department responsible for
    each activity or component will apply the Monitor
    Control Loop as defined in the process, and using the
    norms that were defined during the Service Design
    processes. The role of Operational Monitoring and
    Control is to ensure that the process or service
    functions exactly as specified, which is why they are
    primarily concerned with maintaining the status quo.

    ■ The norms and Monitoring and Control mechanisms
    are defined in Service Design, but they are based on
    the standards and architectures defined during Service
    Strategy. Any changes to the organization’s Service
    Strategy, architecture, service portfolios or Service
    Level Requirements will precipitate changes to what is
    monitored and how it is controlled.

    ■ The Monitor Control Loops are placed within the
    context of the organization. This implies that Service
    Strategy will primarily be executed by Business and IT
    Executives with support from vendor account
    managers. Service Design acts as the bridge between
    Service Strategy and Service Operation and will
    typically involve representatives from all groups. The
    activities and controls will generally be executed by IT
    staff (sometimes involving users) and supported by IT
    Managers and the vendors. Service Improvement
    spans all areas, but primarily represents the interests of
    the business and its users.
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    That's much better. :lol:
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one! :)
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